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It was the first British music week to recognise that punk was exhausted and a dead end. /photos of New York punks and London punks, including Legs McNeil, the Ramones, Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren, Richard Hell. The British punk rock band "The Clash"'s Joe Strummer jumps into the audience. Fantastic aggressive political anti-establishment British punk rock music! Video for The Damned's debut single 'New Rose'.

BILLY WILD SHILDISH billy wild shildishish and the BRITISH EMPIRE punk rock band in the Legion Hall (Damaged Records).

In front of characters like Steve Hamper (alias Billy Childish) one begins to notice the intrinsic uselessness of what one writes (perhaps one writes reviews in general...). What can we actually say in the presence of a man who has recorded more than a hundred records, written two novels and thirty volumes of poetry, and painted more than two thousand paintings, about a career that has now lasted thirty years?

Loved by people like Beck, PJ Harvey, R.E.M. and Kurt Cobain, Billy Childish has been the animator and driving force of many formations over the years (the most famous may be Milshakes, Mighty Caesars, Headcoats and Buff Medways, but for more information please read the detailed article and interview attached to this character in the April issue 107 of the magazine).

All formations share an irreducible and genuine punk garages vocation and the constant presence at their side of so many female shoulder groups (owners of their own discography!) composed mainly by the female musicians' girlfriends (among others we remember at least Delmonas and Headcotees). The new project of the English singer-songwriter, after the interruption of the activities of Buff Medways, concerns drummer Wolf Howard and Billy's current partner as well as bassist Buffet Nurse Julie.

And how does Wild Billy Childish's music sound 30 years after its original origin? After all, Wild Billy Chilish's music doesn't stop creaking and climbing rusty like a car on a bumpy punk mule track and swells like an avalanche of pure low-fidelity garbage with every turn of the chord.

Forget Babyshambles... Wild Billy Chilish just needs a twisted guitar line like the endless outlines of his magnificent mustaches to create an uninterrupted and disturbing funeral tribute to Joe Strummer ("Joe Strummer's Grave", actually) that sounds almost like a passage from the witness or an irrevocable self-investment.

But Wild Billy's is a kind of banging Salvation Army with a very high graduation of uniform vibrating guitars, as if they were automatic muskets conquering imaginary territories that darkening technology has not yet devoured. "Hearing Date with Dog" is like putting a hungry lion's head in his mouth and the bestiary immediately continues in the condito blue of "Bugger The Buffs" (White Stripes more than the White Stripes) or in the two-dimensional and cubistic workshop of "So Unbeliavably Granerous".

A long mental self-talk, transcribed into a very bad and ungrammatical punk handwriting.

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