British Punk Bands 1970s

1970s British Punk Bands

The three New York bands (the New York Dolls, the Dictators and the Ramones) had started something that would spread like a wild fire all over the world and return to the USA like a hurricane. It examines how the British punk of the late 70s applies to cultural criticism. Examples of phrases that include punk rock. Clash/ Punk/ British Punk/ Main Music Band/ Punk Fashion. His anarchy struck Britain in the one with Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistols who handed us punk.

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Songs against war - The Mekons

One of the most productive groups still active today, The Mekons is a British punk band among those born out of the first wave of punk music. Founded in 1977 by five University of Leeds students: Jon Langford, Kevin Lycett, Mark White, Andy Corrigan and Tom Greenhalgh took their names from The Mekon, the arch-enemy of children's comic hero Dan Dare.

Two other groups were born from the same group of university students: the Gang of Four and the Delta 5. The debut came in 1979; The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen was recorded with Gang of Four instrumentation, Virgin Records accidentally printed a photo of Gang of Four on the back of the record.

After their second self-titled 1980 release, The Mekons, and a collection of unreleased and singles The Mekons Story, the group has temporarily suspended their activities. With this new line-up the band turned to skirt with a strong Folk and County component. The three albums of the time, Fear and Whiskey (1985), The Edge of the World (1986) and Honky Tonkin (1987), merge Gram Parsons' Country Rock, left-wing political lyrics and Hank Williams' minimalist land based on punk ethics.

In 1989 the group released perhaps their most successful critical album, The Mekons' Rock'n'roll (A&M Records), where they introduced the use of violin and slide-guitars. Jon Langford, the head of the band, not only devoted himself to a solo career, but also to parallel projects such as Waco Brothers (country punk group), Pine Valley Cosmonauts and records in collaboration with Richard Buckner, Kevin Coyne, The Sadies, Kat Ex (Katherina Bornefeld) of The Ex.

Mekons are a British skirt group, although they have been living in Chicago for many years. Founded in the later 1970s, they are one of the longest performing and most productive British punk bands of the first wave. Over the years, the band's styles have developed, integrating elements of countrymusic, traditionalism, alternate skirt and even casual experimentation with it.

Nowadays The Mekons are often described as Post-Punk,owpunk and/or Old County bands. It was founded in 1977 by a group of arts undergraduates from the University of Leeds: The Gang of Four and Delta 5 were made up of the same group of students: Jon Langford, Kevin Lycett, Mark White, Andy Corrigan and Tom Greenhalgh.

You took the bandname from the Mekon, an angry, super-intelligent Venetian who was seen in the British 1950s-1960s in the cartoon Dan Dare (printed in the Eagle). Never Been in a Riot" was the band's first solo, a Satiric interpretation of White Riot from The Clash. The loosely knitted volume was playing loud, naked post-punk for several years and released records on a multitude of albums.

Mekon' s first record, The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen, was shot with Gang of Four guitars, and due to a mistake by Virgin Records' arts division, images of the Gang of Four were released on the back covers. Following 1982's The Mekons Story, a collection of old footage, the group stopped their activities for a while, founding Langford The Three Johns.

In the mid-80s (revitalised by the 1984 miners' strike) the Mekons had come back as an outreach group. Sally Timms, the singer, Susie Honeyman, the former Hamned member Lu Edmonds, the accordionist/singer Rico Bell (alias Eric Bellis) and the former The Ramour Drummer Steve Goulding now joined the group, experimenting with genres based on old British roots (explored on the pre-break EP ) and US countrymusic.

The new sounds of the group, based on the Gram Parsons innovation, were illustrated by The Edge of the World (1986), Honky Tonkin (1987), Faer and Whiskey (1985), and punk ethics and left-wing policies, which were linked to the minimumist land of Hank Williams. Late releases, such as The Mekons Rock'n'Roll, experimented with various instruments (especially the riddle).

Mekons Rock and Roll was the band's first ever big record album. Released by A&M Records in 1989, Rock and Roll was not a big hit, but was praised by critics. As the Mekons began to emerge at a size critically important, their relationships with A&M Records became strained, and the Mekons were soon abandoned by the record company as they were not able to meet their business needs.

But they still recorded at a productive pace and published such remarkable records as 1991's The Curse of the Mekons, 2000's Journey to the End of the Night and 2002's OOOH! Naturally brought the group to a more popular tone. During April 2009, the Mekons went back to the studios to create a new set of tracks, which was published as Ancient and Modern on Bloodshot Records in 2011.

Langford has been an active performer and creator of several solos and bands, among them the Waco Brothers (a punk-meets-Johnny Cash-like ensemble) and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts (exploring the work of Bob). In addition to his own solos, he has published CD's with Richard Buckner, Kevin Coyne, The Sadies, Kat Ex (Katherina Bornefeld) by The Ex (Band).

In the 90s and at the beginning of the 21 st centuries the bands tours and records with a largely unchanged line-up (Langford, Greenhalgh, Timms, Goulding, Bell, Edmonds, Honeyman and bass player Sarah Corina) and has a very enthusiastic following. Jon Langford told in an September 2010 interviewer that the new Mekons Ancient & Modern record has been released and that the group will be touring the United States in 2011.

Langford interviewed the group in February 2011 to discuss the musical documentation of the Joe Angio-directed cult act Reverenge of the Mekons, which is expected to be released in early 2013.

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