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Straight Punk Rock (and so on), TOTAL CHAOS unites you all in one scene PUNK-ROCK! The official black-out website. Cocktail music, swing, lounge. The Black Widow Records (Via del Campo) is specialized in psychedelic and progressive music, hard rock, folk, dark, punk; reprinting, CDs, DVDs, fanzines.

The first core of Black Flag was formed by the band of Panic, founded in 1976 in Hermosa Beach (near Los Angeles) on the initiative of guitarist Greg Ginn and singer Keith Morris. After several line-up changes the band finds continuity with bassist Chuck Dukowski and drummer Brian Migdol.

At this point, the group decides to make a name for itself, begins advertising the distribution of hundreds of flyers at each concert and the drawing of their logos on the walls of the city, the group, but because of his behavior is in dislike of law enforcement agencies who interrupt their every concert for the fights that break out, which is also the reason why the group is rarely allowed to play twice in the same room.

Towards the end of 1979, due to differences with the group, Keith left the Black Flags, who found a replacement for Ron Reyes within a week. However, Ron agrees to complete the ongoing work for the new record, which will be released in 1980 in the form of a 12" LP entitled Jealous Again.

The new singer is found in the summer of 1980, Dez Cadena, a supporter of the group and friend of Chuck, with Dez the group goes to the first national concert. In 1981 Black Flag released a new album, Six Pack and the single Louie Louie Louie, while continuing their live activities.

Dec tells the group that he no longer wants to sing because his vocal chords are ruined and that he wants to devote himself to the guitar without leaving the group, so he starts looking for a new singer. Then Garfield is hired under the name Henry Rollins, and Dez moves on to the second guitar.

Towards the end of this year the group is about to leave England after a concert, when Robo is detained at the border because of problems with his Colombian passport, so that the remaining dates Bill Stevenson of Descendents see on drums, Robo leaves the group permanently and in May replacement, Emil Johnson, is found;

then Emil quits because of a quarrel with Steve Corbin, a member of the SST and one of the band's roadies, because he visited his girlfriend. After a few shows the drummer is kicked out because he was considered too irresponsible.

In 1982 the group Everything released Went Black, a collection of unreleased and pre-Rollins take-outs, while the following year they reunited with drummer Bill Stevenson (who will continue to play with Descendents) and released The First Four Years collection and the My War album. Shortly thereafter, Kira Roessler, a girl who played in Dez's after Black Flag DC3 group, is recorded as a bassist.

With the new bass player, they recorded two albums: Familie Man (which spoke the first page only of Rollins and the second only instrumentally) and Song It In; these two works were released in 1984. In the same year, the first live record of the group, Live'84, was released, along with two other full-length albums, Loose Nut and In My Head, and an instrumental EP, The Process of Weeding Out.

In April of the same year some members left the group due to musical differences. Anthony Martinez replaces Bill and C'el Revuelta replaces Kira. Shortly thereafter, however, Greg disbanded the group to devote himself to a new group, Gone, and the management of SST Records, which developed into one of the most important houses in the world in the field of punk and Rock.

In 1987 Wasted....Again, a collection of the band's best songs, was released in 1989 as EP, I Can See You, with three tracks of In My Head and an unreleased one, recorded with Bill and Kira. On January 25, 2013 guitarist Greg Ginn announced the revival of Black Flag with singer Ron Rayes along with drummer Gregory Moore and bassist Dale Nixon (actually Ginn himself).

In addition, the group has announced that it will release a new record, the first since 1985. It was announced that the bassist of Screeching Weasel, Dave Klein, has joined the group. On May 2nd the group released a new single on their official website: Down in the Dirt. From Black Flag, su AllMusic, All Media Network.

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