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Punk uprising - Rock against the Indonesian government - Giusi Fasano

La musicica? Even if all the music in the world had suddenly disappeared, we could bring it back to life, start over, reproduce it. And if we couldn't even sing anymore, the music would be in our heads, in our thoughts. The lords of the Indonesian government, who want to ban foreign music from the artists of their country by means of a law, know that: they make unnecessary efforts and harm themselves.

The power of music goes far beyond bans and restrictions, which from our point of view are simply scandalous and indecent. It is therefore pointless to swear that Western music has the counted hours. The law to prevent local artists from being inspired by adverse, immoral and inhumane influences (i.e. influences from abroad) is inadmissible to our ears.

The text of the petition states that the bill violates the 1945 Constitution, which would enshrine (theoretical) freedom of expression. The Balinese drummer even went so far as to write that there is a  "high degree of hypocrisyÂ" of the Indonesian government, as President Joko Widodo is  "a notorious supporter of heavymetal bands, including MetallicaÂ".

 "A law that comes from nowhere and affects us all has seen all the controversial points it contains. Music is one of the largest and most powerful agitators of political and social protest in the country," Indonesian musician Kartika Jahja told the Guardian. The controversial government ban was issued a few weeks after the protest by Blackpink, a female popular group whose members wore all miniskirts during a television show.

Violation of decency: Exactly what the whole world of music reproaches those who want to silence them.

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