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"Send your life and build your audience! The BIGOLIVE is a live video streaming social network. Divide your life and interests into live broadcasts. Thanks to the support of our users, BIGO LIVE is more than just an entertainment application, it is a part of life for all BIGOers. Read the full text Life Is This by Bigo feat.

Bigo: "From Australia and back. This is Una telephonata mi ha cambiato la vita."

BOELLA - His first  "Thank youÂ" was released on May 20th with 10 autobiographical, self-produced and written tracks between Perth and Bella.  "Thank youÂ" can be purchased digitally in the major on-line stores and is available for listening on the major streamed platforms. Lâormai's famous single  "Life is this Â" (feat. Alex Gariazzo), climbed into the top 10 of the iTunes singer-songwriter rankings after passing on  "All Sold OutÂ", Marco Galli's early-evening show on Radio105.

Also known as Bigo, Luca Grandotto was into music and singing when he was about 15 years old and formed his first group with some friends. In 2008, Bigo began writing his own original songs and began searching for his own style and identity. But in June 2015 everything will change again: Marco Gallis random call from abroad will allow him to play  "Leaf in The WindÂ" (single from the album Thank You) live on Radio105 and not only attract the attention of the radio presenter, but also that of his audience.

Back home, Bigo and his crew have finally completed work on his first full-length record and are ready to provide the audience and supporters with 10 self-written songs about their lives.

Testi Album: It'?s Bigo feat. This is life, Alex Gariazzo.

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