Big Band

big band

Brake Beat, Big Beat, Lounge, Electro & Disco. Dinner concert with the Paradiso Big Band as part of the stadium programme. Isacco di Pontenure (Pc). Lab for Orchestra Training (Big Band). The SMUM Big Band is one of the most popular big bands of the Ticino jazz scene.

Maßimo Greco: not just a director!

Maßimo Greco: not just a director! 1995 trombone of courgette Zucker Fornaciari. Head of the project Estrela Guia. Exclusively for 2017, Massimo Greco proposes an ambitious artistic project: to condense the fascinating path of jazzmusic in 90 minutes of music and words, to make an excursion with the most famous 1917-born musicians (Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and many others) in homage to their great mastery.

All accompanied by the magical voice of Veronica Farnararo.


Hargrove seems to remain true to the concept of "earfood" that is so well embodied in his 2009 record of the same name: jazzy as energetic, sophisticated, melodic, complex music, but also full of enthusiasm, vibration and communication. The quintet of the Texan trumpeter has presented itself in a long two-hour encore setting, a real essay on dark aesthetics.

The various "Mr. Clean", "St.Denis/Strasbourg", "Brown", "I'm Not So Sure", "I'm Not So Sure", pull the crowd, visibly entertained and involved, alternating harsh, deceptive rhythms with others from soul, radio and hip-hop extraction as well as bands of march, obviously filtered by the sound and characteristics of the most classic acoustic quintet. And the structures of the pieces, which are indeed complex and full of daring time changes and dense polyrhythms, are nevertheless fluid, fluid, with a perfect balance between the different musicians.

Saxophonist Justin Robinson receives much applause thanks to his undisputed sympathy, but also thanks to his varied style, which is able to keep the group and the public on the ball with whirling modal and scratch solos (especially in the first half of the concert), as well as to show a round phrasing and full of expressiveness.

He also sings three tracks, including a beautiful version of 'Bring It All Back Home': certainly his thin voice is more Chet Baker than Sam Cooke, but it still works. After two hours, the Five greet with a well-deserved round of applause. Maybe more concerts and artists of this kind are needed to get the audience closer to classical music?

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