Best Traditional Folk Songs

The best traditional folk songs

Florenze: We will come back. So much more than just simple folk music, Neapolitan songs are certainly celebrated all over the world. Past classics and the best of traditional Italian music. Folksongs are traditional melodies that are handed down orally from generation to generation. A traditional folk song in modern Japan: Have a look at the Italian music recipes (Traditional Italian Folk Songs Playlist) from various artists at Amazon Music.

Testi Album: Whiskey'n Beer () Alban Fuam (12 most popular songs of Ireland and Celtic folk music on violins, bodhran, guitars, tin pipes and singing)

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The most beautiful folk songs of Russia

Most Beautiful Folk Songs of Russia offers a special selection of the most famous traditional melodies from the great country of Russia, played by a choir of recognized quality that was also invited to the Kremlin by President Boris Yeltsin in 1998. The Red Army Choir is the most famous Russian choir, which won the first prize at the prestigious World Exhibition in Paris in 1937 and made a name for itself all over the world.

In 1978 the choir changed its name to Boris Alexandrov in honour of the man who had led it with great passion for over 30 years since 1946. The Most Beautiful Folk Songs of Russia is enriched by a booklet with information on each of the tracks included in the album.

blues songs

This is the 4th recording of the US-bluesinger Skip James, which was published in 1968. "Ramblin' On My Mind" is a blue tune from November 23, 1936, in San Antonio, Texas, played by the blue player Robert Johnson. Initially the track was published in 78 U/min as Vocalion 03519 and ARC 7-05-81.

and Johnson played the tune in scale eight and made two recordings. Goin' Away Baby is a blue tune by James A. Lane, known as Jimmy Rogers, a member of Muddy Waters' group. The Cradle is an Eric Clapton record released in 1994 two years after Unplugged, a very successful real life record.

The Cradle is a blue covers record, Eric Clapton's first record entirely dedicated to this genre. The recording of From The Cradle was done live and without overdubs or modifications. Klapton received a Grammy Award in the category Best Traditional Blues Albums for this one.

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