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It'?s a dish best served cold. Veterans of the Californian Metal-Punk from Venice, the Suicidal Tendencies, announced their new video for the song "Smash It! Mosh Pit on Disney, a Various Artists album. Genres: Ska Punk, Skate Punk, Pop Punk, Punk Punk, Punk Rock.

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Monkeys in space. Bravo.

"These guys I've heard about from time to time in the dormitories of the Snafu barracks really know how to make them with their instruments and they collect the heritage of a group like Senzabenza without too much effort..." "eleven tracks that, like the classic standards, cover about half an hour, from punk rock to powerful punk, with some variations of skate punk, then fast and immediate, as it should be..."

Maturity date ad Aprile.

Composed in 1987, San José, Ca, is the birthplace of one of the oldest and most influential skate-punk bands in the world. With a new record released in April, No Use For A Name are back in Italy to celebrate with all their fans their twenty years of activity on stages around the world!

Those who believe that their career began with their arrival at Fat Wreck in 1993 are mistaken, NUFAN released two albums even before the historic label recognized them: Incognito and Don't Miss The Train, two immature works that already revealed the enormous potential of the four young Californians.

Their first job with Fat, The Daily Grind, was so successful that they immediately urged the group to work on their next record, Leche Con Carne. It may seem risky to release two albums in a row, but never as in this case was the right choice: Leche con Carne, drawn by the beautiful "Soulmate", is still one of the most popular and best-selling punkrocks.

After these amazing results, Chris Shiflett and Matt Ridde (Face to Face) join the group to further refine their sound and compositional skills. The new line-up will be fully exploited for the next album, Making Friends, a powerful but introspective work with lyrics that can keep even the most convinced punk from thinking.

NUFAN's record production coincided with the strengthening of their reputation as a show act, which led them to travel the world as a background act for The Offspring and Novx, as well as countless appearances in the punk caravan of the Warped Tour. They returned to the recording studios in 99 to record More Betterness, and in 2002 Hard Rock Bottom, an album that borders on perfection and confirms the great value of the group that continues to sing, play and entertain boys around the world.

The last time NUFAN did this was in 2005, when they spent months training, recording, writing and rewriting to create the 13 tracks of Keep Them Confused. A phenomenal record in many ways: Fast punk tracks, energetic skirt tracks and some slow, tearful tracks merge to an extraordinary one.

Last year NUFAN started a series of intimate shows in small clubs in the USA to support their July 2007 "Best of" All The Best Things, which best represent their full and sincere commitment to writing an energetic but lyrically rich punkrock.

NUFAN are one of the longest lasting and most dominant formations of independent music, and nothing can confirm this better than their future release: their ninth session-release. Recorded in Ft Collins' Blasting Room and produced by the legendary Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag, Only Crime), this new record has all the ingredients to become the pearl of NUFAN discography.

Still 14 tracks without names, which will be officially released in April 2008, but of which we can look forward to a preview in the two Italian dates of their future European tours!

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