Best Rock Music

The best rock music

The best rock albums ever (in random order - just one album for the band). All the hits, videos, movies and fashions that have written the history of rock, in one party. However, the significant fact is that even Tu vuo' fa l'americano, while making fun of rock and roll, was one of the Italian songs that made the most of the style of rock and roll. Italian Top Rock Progressivevo Artist: The best Rock and Roll music festivals will probably be sold out!

ITEM 10: The best rock and metal festivals in Europe

For half a century, Europe has been inspired by its deep roots in rock and heavy metals, producing great music and festivals that are envied by the rest of the world.

In the UK, blue rock bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Yardbirds have gone through the Rolling Stones and Kinks to the heavy rock movement with Zeppelin at the top. It was The Sabbath and then the Iron Maiden who made the advance into heavy metals before punks started the rebellion and dead metals and Scandinavian style 80s and 90s heavy metals became infamous for their cultural excesses.

Back to the present, the European rock and heavy metals cycle is flourishing through all its subgenres, from the new German hardness to jingling Britpop, more than ever. Here are our favourite festivals from Indie-Rock to Wiking-Metal. At Donington Park near Derby in England, Download took over Monsters of Rock, playing his role as grandfather of rock and heavy metals festivals.

Since their debut in 2004, they have been half-habitué, but also artists from the rocker side of the spectrum. The two-day Rock and roll meeting has been taking place since 2002 and is dedicated to the goal of bringing some of everything from classical to heavy heavy to the stage.

And with personalities like Van Morrison, The Who, ZZ Top, Blondie, Iggy & The Stooges and Ozzy Osbourne on the lists of the past one can say with certainty that the festivals has a beautiful family tree. In 1984 Rock am Ring made its debut at the start of a new Nürburgring and surprised the organizers with 75,000 visitors.

During his 24 years, he has earned a sister event, Rock im Park in Normiberga, and established his place at the top of the pedigree. The oldest musictival in the world is the one of read. He always has a solid rock, blue and rock backbone and since the founding of Leeds in 1999, the line-up has included indies, punks, metal, Pop, R&B;, Hap and electronic music.

The first issue of Nova Rock, full of character, raised the bar very high by adding System of a Down, Marilyn Manson, Green Day and The Prodigy to its line-up. After a decade, Nova Rock still manages to make Burgenland, the westernmost province of Austria, one of the continent's most important rock destinations.

Celebrating its 30th edition this year, just a small town, it gradually grew from local artists to the biggest heavymetal bands. It is the biggest German metals festivals and has presented Rammstein, Deep Purple, Motörhead, Slayer and Megadeth on its stages in recent years.

More than a decade after its first edition, the incredible rock, metall and funk event has become one of the biggest and most important festivals in Spain. The line-up, which has its roots in the heavier side of rock, is still very diverse and includes veterans of the music scene and new talents.

Although it already has a strong place in the elite of European festivals, the giant of Madrid is still relatively young. Yet there are only a few festivals in the rest of the world that make such an effort to offer a line-up full of rock and alternative music talents. In 1976 Rock Werchter took his first steps and received the award of the International Live Music Conference for Best Festivals in the World for the fifth time in a row.

Expanding its music network like no other event on this list, the event brings together the stars of rock R&B and dances with the giants of rock. The Hellfest is definitely the heaviest of all. Naetal, metalcore, thrashetal, crime pick and vibration are just a few of the genres explained.

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