Best Punk Songs of the 70s

The best punk songs of the 70s

Published on 30 June 2017 12:34 AM 35 Best Rock Bands from Italy. because it'?s so good, I'm afraid somebody might steal it. Sets a new perspective on the song. Definitely one of the greatest punk bands of all time.

Largest 70's album (2018).

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Hey, Tonyface: Italic Punk

On August 2nd I made a personal list of the best punk records of the "First Wave". For Italy) it is known that punk only appeared in the first 80s with prodromes in groups like Skiantos, Kandegina Gang, Kaos Rock, Sister Maldestra, GazNevada, dirty actions, Tampax, Hitler SS as well as sporadically related music forms.

It'?s complicated to talk about records. And if the division of Indigesti/Wretched in 1982, the debut of "400 fascists" by CMS and the Ep "Slaves in the freest city in the world" with Raf Punk, Stalag 17, Anna Falks and Bacteria can vaguely be described as the most significant of the first wave, I prefer to draw up a short list of the best Italian punk groups of the first hour.

Also " my " on the photos: the single of Indigesti, Nabat, CCM and a concert of iNdigesti at Virus in Milan.

Deluxe 70's - 100 CD

Rino launches "100 greatest 70s", a new 5-CD box with many artists and many of the best songs in the Warner Music catalogue. The box set contains the best of a decade as exciting as that of the 70s, years full of hits fill the track and songs become classics.

The collection encompasses many genres, from classic skirt like Bad Company's to the rhythm of the chic album to the theatrical and wonderful sounds of Kate Bush, the electrifying Chaka Khan and one of the pioneer groups of the punk movement, the Ramones.

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