Best Punk Songs ever

The best punk songs of all time

Perspiration, loud music and the greatest stage dives of all time. Awesome pop songs with punk rock machine gun labels. Could an Italian band play real punk rock music?! " Pretty Good Year" is the first punk rock song: They're definitely one of the best punk bands I've heard in a long time.

Also our friends from RADIO PUNK, have..... - Plays at the Distruggi La Bassa Festival

Fair 1 & 2 days (ITALIANO/ENGLISH): ITALIAN: Punctually like a queue on the highway on the August week-end, here is our life story about this two-day Bay Festival 2016, which takes place on August 14th and 15th in Bellaria Igea Marina. But let's get to the point, let's talk about the current concerts, that I know you're suffering from our reports online, you just don't want to admit it!

#Day 1: Once you arrive at Parco Pavese, where the 12 bands' shows take place 6 per day, the atmosphere is that of big events with punk rocker from all over the world and a well-structured stage. In the future it will be the turn of the COFFEESHOWER who will delight us for half an hour with her punkrocking melody in English.

The third group of the evening as well as the last Italian are Talco, a group we interviewed recently and who finally get positive feedback here with us. The audience is very well attended and the bands ska/patchanka punk of Marghera are producing a fabulous performance and at the end of the two days will be one of the groups that impressed me the most.

The quintet is dedicated to melodic hard-core and plays for about fifty minutes, and I have to say that I have a hallucinating ability with their instruments, especially because they jump and go wild in the meantime. Signed with Fat Wreck Chords, the group is one of the most versatile punk bands in history, given the mix of punk music, heavycore, heavycore, heavycore, heavycore, and more.

The second is the fact that they didn't play "City Lights" and "Nowheresville", which are my two favorite songs of the group. After saying goodbye to some old acquaintances, it's time for the essence of Californian punk rock, the living legends, the reason why so many people were there: Nox. They present themselves as always with this beautiful piece of garbage (calling it a towel is still too much!) and Fat Mike with a black leather skirt that beats the sobriety, but in the end it's a punk concert and that's it!

After the ritual greetings, the group starts with "60%", a song that starts quietly and then becomes wild and then ignites the butt. For those who don't know, NOFX are holy monsters of entertainment as well as punk and so their shows are always cool, so it's pointless to say I had a great time.

During the hour and in the neighborhood, the show is full of energy with "Eat The Meek", "Bob" and other quieter songs to give breath to a ladder full of powerful songs. Six Years On Dope", a new song that was recently released and precedes the new First Ditch Effort which will be released in October, is also of great importance.

We are talking about Screeching Weasel, a historical punk group led by Ben Weasel, one of the most discussed characters on the world punk scene. The expectations and enthusiasm of the Chicago bands for the first time in Italy were sky-high, but in addition there were 5 more bands, like this second day went.

#Day 2: We have a good start with Höney, a group from Rimini that combines pop-punk with a very melodic hard-core. Little to add, the bands on stage stand out and the songs are catchy. Then it goes on with Slander, a hard-core punk group with Venetian influences, where the members are busy with the Venezia hard-core scene.

We' re getting to the first legends, the Deroz punk rock stories. Orphan children of Mendez, on this punkrock show touring the four could still sweep the crowd along and there's little to do up to Mendez to see the Derozer is always a big emotion. The Satanic Surfers come from Malmö with rage, a formation that has made a remarkable contribution to using a euphemism to support euphemism in support of skin punk.

You don't want me to be a screeching Weasel and NOFX enthusiast, but the Satanic Surfers were the best for me; a Madonna's litter in every song and a big impact. And here we are, after a half-hour change of stage to the volume we've all been waiting for. The triumphant entrance welcomes Screeching Weasel, a group of absurd importance in punk rock, simply history.

The second part begins in an excellent way with "Cindy's On Methadone", accompanied by the guitar of Andrea the Historian Manges' friend; it continues with "My Brain Hurts ", where Spasio Derozer's assault on the stage will remain in the annals for a long time to come, and ends with "My Right", a very tough piece, and "Cool Kids", the first song I've heard from this legendary group.

Nevertheless, the concert was great and I hope they will return to Italy as soon as possible; Ben Weasel may be a questionable character, but his passion for punk is admirable and the importance of this group I never tire of repeating! I' ll close this endless review with congratulations to the present organizers and punk rockers in the hope that they will support their scene and grow at the next concerts!

I get to the point: Can anyone tell me why the merchandise prices of the bands are so high? 3 - Too many "blue dogs" for my taste, it is a punk skirt concert etchezzozzo! 4 - I would have liked to hear the version of "Bella Ciao" from Talco alive, too bad they didn't do it. 5 - I don't allow myself to judge people's tastes, but if you're a punk guy, you're one of them.

Of course I am also one of my favourite groups, but the impression is that in Italy there is a lack of curiosity for the bands and therefore you are always the usual few assholes at local or medium concerts. On time like a motorway, here is our life account of the Bay Fest 2016, which takes place on August 14 and 15 at the Balleria Igea Marina.

#Tag 1: When we got to Parco Pavese, the place where the 12 groups were playing (6 per day), it was clear that this would be a great event: punk rocker from all over and a well organized platform. And the first act to perform is I.S., an Italien shka chore act with texts in German and French.

Her homage to Aldrovandi and the fact that the vocalist plays the horn is notable. Our second act was Coffeeshower from L'Aquila, a group that inspired us with their tuneful punk for more than 30 min. I' d been listening to the Broken Pieces track on TV, but I wasn't thrilled; I was still nosy to see them perform and it was really rewarding.

I not only began to appreciate the aforementioned tune, but I have to say that this group really knows how to play on a live platform. Talco was the third and last of our bands in Italy. We recently did an interview with them and they found recognition here in Italy.

Audiences were enthusiastic and the Ska/Patchanka Punk group from Marghera provided a great show. When you get a shot, see it firsthand! A Wilhelm Scream, a New Bedford Massachusetts based group, stood on scene at 8.30 pm. I have to say that I was really amazed by their ability to play music, not least because they jumped and ran on stages during the performance.

Wilhelm Scream was on the road with the German act Strung Out and the latter had the job to open up for the headliner NOFX. Under the Fat Wreck Chords label, Strand Out is one of the most diverse punk groups in our entire story, blending punk, heavycore, metall and rock. What's more, it's a great place to be.

I' d never seen her before and was very excited. It was a shame they didn't do City Lights and Nowheresville, my favourite songs. No Use For A Name cover, "Soulmate", which ended with a "Never forget Tony Sly", gave me goosebumps! So it was NOFX punk rocking legends' turn.

You came on with your customary filthy (but funny) scarf and Fat Mike in a Leatherrock: very punk! It began with "60%", a track that was quiet at first, but then got the audience into a rage. Stickin' in my Eye" and "Linoleum" were the following songs that determined the sound for the whole outing.

We all know that they are great performers and I can say that I had a great time. After a one and fifteen minutes long show the band continued with songs like "Eat the Meek", "Bob" and some quieter music. One great track was "Six Years on Dope", from their latest record "First Ditch Effort", which will be out in October.

For once in your life at least, go see her firsthand! After a good night's rest the second dawn began. Tonight the Headliner were a group that had only come once to Europe, at Groezrock in Belgium. I' m speaking of Screeching Weasel, a historic punk group under the direction of the notorious Ben Weasel.

A lot of folks couldn't await to see them performing, but let's first discuss the other 5 groups that went before them. #Day 2: The first group was Honey, a Rimini based group that combines punk with a very tuneful heavycore. They knew how to play and the songs were good. Lags from Rome was the second volume, a post-hardcore volume that isn't really my kind.

Still, they were good. The next one was Slander, a punk harddcore with metallic influence from Venice, which is very much loved in the Venezia harddcore world. Your attitudes were great and as always they were exciting. So it was Derozer's turn from Vicenza. Audiences were thrilled and the group let the people sing throughout the entire show.

The four members delivered a great show even without Mendez and it is always good to see them there. Satanic Surfers from Malmö was the fifth act, a great skate-punk group. Not against Screeching Weasel and NOFX, but I think Satanic Surfers was the best band: strong on every track and with great effect.

Andy and Rodrigo were amazing. Here came the instant we were all waiting for: The screaming weasel entered the scene. and Ashtray. Like the other four members of the group, Ben was in good condition. Supermarket Fantasy", "Hey Suburbia" and "Guest List" were the focus of the show, while "The Science of Myth" finished the first part of the show.

In the second part the big "Cindy's on Methadone" begins, with Andrea, a girlfriend of the German group Manges; next on the tracks was " My Brain Hurts", which will be recalled on screen because of Spasio Derozer's apocalyptic break-in. And the show ended with the songs "My Right" and "Cool Kids", the first Screeching Weasel songs I've ever heard.

At the show, Ben said two things that really caught the eye: first, he was joking about monsters, the sponsor drink; second, he was talking about Fat Mike (obviously). Weasel' s personality may be questionable, but his passion for punk rocking is adorable! Many thanks to the organisers and all the punk rocker who were there!

The TOP and FLOP 5 are here. TOP 5: 1-The Germans with Basel near their awning. from Strung Out, "Viva la Figa". 4 - Rodrigo Alfaro - Official who hits himself over the top with the mike. 3 - Too many cops... it's a punk rocker show for Christ's sakes! 5 I'm not here to be judgmental, but if you're a punk, you're a punk all the way.

We lack the interest in unfamiliar Italian groups and that's why the other punkrocks in Italy didn't have a big crowd. T.S. Translations report by J.L. PS: As soon as we have finished the various works on the actual page, you can read our articles there, in the meantime we apologize and promise to finish them soon!

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