Best Punk Rock Songs

The Best Punk Rock Songs

This was the beginning of punk rock. In the fifteen tracks of this CD, gentlemen, lies the future of Rock'n'Roll. I' m going back to the old songs because they all came back. The best of you (Foo Fighters) Billie Jean (m. Songs order in my head.

Best songs ever wrote (by us!)

Ever Controversial (By Us!) The Greatest Songs Ever is a NOFX Punkband Compilation, which was released in 2004 under Epitaph Records[1]. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents abc (DE) All Music Guide, su The greatest songs ever composed (by us!), su AllMusic, All Media Network.

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The Interzone Stroke Blog: 10 Best Punk Songs

Punk rock in its original form represented a break against all bourgeois conventions, the beliefs of adults, the greed of business and the capitalist economy in general, the distortions of power: everything that was not going in the world had written a punk song on the subject. Even compared to punk rock it was an anarchic reaction to institutional rock: born at the time when Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Genesis ruled while radios went mad.

When the Ramones arrived with their first three chords, they all reminded us of the time of rock and roller, when music was not yet immersed in the logic of doing things and the reasons were still connected with fun and the artistic factor. Today, punk survives (like rock, after all...) and is largely linked to respect for its history, and the groups that refer to the genre are only a pale parody: music has nothing to do with the spontaneity and innovation that were the main characteristics, along with the rebellious and nihilistic rule of the time.

This is my ranking of the 10 best and most representative punk songs, in response to a survey launched by Legs McNeil on his website Please Hill Me.

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