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FLOCCO - Italian Seltz-Rock-Band MLp (AUTOPRODOTTO s.n. Among the best songs definitely "I tried to die young". Teen punk rock and emo is the best e-book you need. The punk band Big Whoop is based in Worth, Illinois and has been a member of GigMasters ever since.

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Italian Punk

Fantastic new edition of the untraceable, very rare five 7â box released in 1981, in which Freak Antoni performs with musicians of the new Bologna and foreign waves with different styles and musical atmospheres. Especially the punk rock of the 7th GENUINE Roskers (Freak Antoni plus Windopen) and the beat/mod waves of the NEW 68 (Freak Antoni + three Skiantos) attract attention.

Electronic paranoia combined with fifties music in the single of Astro Vitelli and ÇOSMOZ (also known as Stupid Set), funny and crazy for the 7th of Hot Funkers. Amazing new release in a limit of 300 numbers only of this very uncommon boxeset, which was published 1981 and contains five 7â!

The punk singles by freak Antoni + Windopen from geneuine rocks. Every unique piece comes with a new photobag! This is the first Italien fashion group that was founded in Turin in the early 1980s. Contains the two songs from their only "7" track published in July 1983 + 12 unreleased songs from 1980 to 1982.

Supplied completely with inserts. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RE-COPY! Same as above, but white wine. Only 50 photocopies! TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RE-COPY! After their first and only 7, which extends towards a sometimes grotesque and surreal blue rock, the Emilians Il Blocco produced this unattainable Mlp of powerful rock in 1981, often revealing aspects of punkânâroll as in âItalian seltz rock bandâ, âDagli al monattoâ and âStryx'n'Rollâ.

This is an advertising copy with the words âcopia promozionaleâ on the cover and blank promotional stickers. This really short Mlp. was originally published in 1981. Hardrock with punk sounds. Advertising text with lettering in black. The highlight is of course the B-side, a punk from Serse Maj.

Image plate edition from 1985! Supplied completely with genuine PVC cover. The debut album of the speakers of the "Neapolitan Punk" with a bloody head chained to a skull on the cover. Also for the component names Val Policel, Free Ariel, Gaby Net and Walter Closed. Certainly no punk, but undoubtedly the first southern group to somehow resemble the new waves to record a record with hands pierced by daggers.

It' still a trashy punk sleeves with punctured daggerholes. Venice based Italien based rock group. Her second 7â with some punk songs. This is Una leggenda dellâHC italieno. HC Italians! German début book, US originals edition completely with stickers! Her first 12 " ep. edition from 1986 in black vinyls.

First original print of these 4 titles 12âEp, which was published only in Germany. Italian punk kernel. The first press was made in 1987, which was produced only in Germany. Supplied completely with inserts. New edition of her first and only Lp from 1981. Historical origin of the first Roman punk scene, born 1978. Under the direction of their frontman âLuciferoâ they were one of the leading punk groups of the First Italian Rock Festival of 1980.

Italic "" Proto punk"-Single, released 1978 and now released on KBD # 201. 2010 edition (like the original) of this amazing Italien Oi skins! An epic punk cover that was only released in Italy in 1978 (but track). TERMS AND CONDITIONS: COPY NEW! New edition of her first and only Lp from 1978.

Great new edition of one of the works of the first italien Post-Punk. It contains among others the punk song âSpacciatoriâ. A great remake of their great 1981 début record. A masterpiece of the early Post-Punk Italians! Rats' Modena début record, again with the vocals of Claudia Lloyd!

Contains among others the punk track "Pushers". New edition of her first and only Lp from 1979. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RE-COPY! Originale su Electric Eye del lloro secondsondo LpThe second record of this great Italien garages group. First edition only! TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RE-COPY! The masterpiece of crazy punk. Twelve very tight songs that don't lose any beat, among them the memorable âLargo allâavardiaâ and the Ultra-Punk-Demential âIo me la menoâe âEptadoneâ.

First edition 1980. From Vercelli one of the legendary bands of the first Italians punk! This is the vinyl edition of their only record "Cadavere" (originally released 1979 by the legendary Harpoâs Music on cassette), which was printed in 1997 in only 500 copies, COMPLETA DEL RARO ADESIVO âEXPORTâTHESE WERE THE ITALIAN SEX PISTOLS â¦â .

Punk legend from 1979! It is the vinylic press that was produced in 1997 in only 500 pieces, their Cadavere release, which was released in 1979 and was produced entirely with the âEXPORTâ STICKER âTHESE WERE THE italianian sex pistol ¦â originals. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: COPY NEW! Same as above, but white wine. Only 100 pieces!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: COPY NEW! Da Ascoli was released in only 300 numbers and is a scarce example of the southern reality of the first punk Italians. Only 300 pieces in number! This is a seldom seen example of Italians punk from Ascoli brands, shot with an Ultra-Lo-Fi system in 1979-1981 and only now released. Supplied with file pocket, adhesive stickers and enclosure.

Displayed with sleeves in either shades of blue or white. That copy with the sleeves up. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: COPY NEW! That specimen with sleeves in red. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: COPY NEW! From Livorno one of the first examples of Italian Punk Cores, combined with SCM! This is one of the 20/30 pieces completely with the ULTRA RARE INSERT WITH LYRICS and the label "No policing no military!

"Formerly punk/punk kernel with CM link! Twelve traces taken between 1980 and 1982. This is a very uncommon print, produced in 2000 in a restricted number of 300 pieces, with a folding cover. HC from Trieste, Italy. The debut single of this punk group from Rome, released 1982 by RCA and now on KBD#201.

Unfamiliar writer of "Mister Rock", great kitschy electric punk waves performed in British but with the lyrics on his back marked INTO TO ATLIAN! The second release of the legendary Attack Punk in Bologna! ORIGINAL edition of these 7 track Ep with Irah, 5th Arm, Subculture, Kollettivo + Total Chaos (UK), Stromsperre (GER) and Kaaos (FIN).

Punk Attack Second Edition Labels! First press of these 7 songs originally released with 7 Punk Cores Irah, 5° Braccio, Sottocultura, Kollettivo + Total Chaos (UK), Stromsperre (GER) and Kaaos (FIN). Supplied with bookletcover. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: COPY NEW! Just Italians punk 1978-83! Supplied completely with inserts. Featuring: Aedi - La biomba atomica, Dezibel - Col Ditto, Electroshock - Publici More, Hitlerss - No Solutions, Incesti - Sabato Midsight, Judas - Flashdown, Kandeggina Gang - Sono cattiva, Kaos Rock - La Racina, Andrea Mingardi - Pus, No Submission - The Decraded Man, Rancid I - Get someone to LOV ME, Satan 81 - Radio Ativity ; S.

With two big punk pieces by W.K.W., Waalt Diisneey and Tampax/Hitlerss. There is no seal on the plate, but there is still the film! New edition of this great historical sample, which was published in 1980 on the lable Italy Records. Punk songs from W.K.W., Waalt Diisneey and Tampax/Hitlerss + Cancer, Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor etc.

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