Best Punk Rock Bands of all Time

The best punk rock bands of all time

The best thing is to let the music play as long as possible". The best band was Surfers: powerful on every song and with great impact. <font color="#ffff00" size=14>>

All Rated - Aides - Les plus grands noms de groupe de tous les temps - sontyoutyler. This is Negot (this is nothing in the dialect of our region): absolutely nothing! When punk for you is music, business, a means to gain visibility, when punk for you is that, well, so it is.

a conversation with Franz and Andrea

Here we are in conversation with Andrea and Franz, the heads of the Punk Rock Raduno Festivals, which now takes place in its third edition from July 12th to 15th in Bergamo, more precisely in Edoné. Punk Rock Raduno is a free 4-day summer punk rock event that takes place in Bergamo every summer.

In addition to concerts, there are exhibitions, DJ sets, documentaries, markets and much more, always linked to the independent European and international scene that focuses on Ramones supporters. How did the idea for this was born? Andrea: Franz and I started the event with the idea of an annual date where we would gather the whole punk rock/punk scene, which nowadays is a little "effort on the level of the audience" during the year.

Punk rock gathering is where we all meet. Andrea: Bringing back our friends Queers after so many years in Italy and especially in Bergamo is a great satisfaction and will be a great party. This year you have decided to return to "totally free" by making every day of the festivals free: Why did you do it?

We don't think concerts have to be free. On the contrary, since we are involved in organizing tours and concerts, we find that Italy is the only European country where people have not yet understood that it costs a lot of money to maintain a decent group and work in the evenings.

It'?s not punk to retire from a concert in order not to pay a few euros, or to break the balls at the banquet of the groups in order to get presents. But accusing the local people of making money has always been a purely Italian game. Nevertheless we still want to bring many people closer to our favourite music genre, and this year we left the entrance for free.

There are many ways to support the festival: buying merchandising items, buying the LP or anniversary fan, eating and drinking at Edonè. These are basic gestures for things to work this year and we will see them in the future. Four basic names for American punk rock, everyone seems to be thrilled to play on PRR: How can you work with and for these legends?

Let us respond to Fassino: Make your own festivals and let us see how you are doing. We will be happy to be at the top of the audience, as with all the other events they deserve. Personally, I had the pleasure of playing at Punk Rock Gathering last year and was faced with an organization that was flawless in every way.

A word to the employees who accompany you every year at the start of the festivals. The team that works on the event and consists mainly of volunteers is now very large. It would be impossible for both of us to do everything on our own, considering that we've both been working at festivals all year. Besides the employees of Edonè Bergamo, who deserve a mention because they are the ones who make everything work at the end, there are different working groups, like communication, stage, hostel, logistics, fanzines, banquet area, etc..

It would be impossible to quote them all, but you know who you are and the soul of the festivals you are. Another important thing is the public. The feeling of familiarity and the positivity that comes from the European punk rock audience is the true value of the Punk Rock Rally. We don't have the money yet to catch the big and famous groups, but we already have the best possible audience to cheer for us.

Will there be other activities besides the concerts? Exhibitions, acoustic concerts where you would never have expected them in the city centre, DJ sets, roller derby games with concerts by Dan Vapid & the Cheats, crazy buses driving through the city with Ciaccio dei Semprefreski to make music... there is something for everyone!

Have a look at the program on our website: There are not only the "main concerts" in the evening! The great thing about Punk Rock Raduno in my opinion is to give birth to lesser known and young Italian bands (I'm thinking of Low Dérive last year and Deaf Lingo and Cocks this year): Don't you think this card should be used more often?

We should also increase the number of younger bands in the programme.

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