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Peawees (It, Punk Rock'n' Roll Veterans) // Malody Makeers

After months in the rehearsal room and after the first recording sessions for the new record have been started, in order to have some fun on stage, the band take a "break"..... THE PEASWEES are an institution of Italian rock'n'roll that has been active for over 20 years and has never stopped assimilating concentrates of punk and garageskirt, injections of Soul and rhythm n' Blues, pills of beats and supplements of 60' girls groups.

Peawees' history begins in La Spezia, 1995, as Hervé Peroncini, Riccardo La Lomia and Livio Montarese - after earlier experience in two other bands: The Manges and Nukes - join together their strengths and released Where Peoplesmile ( Panic Records/Helter Skelter ) in the same year, a début record clearly punk rocking but with powerful popularity.

1998 the Peawees line-up grows: For example, the group records This Is rock n roll; their second record - published in Italy by Fridge Records and in the USA by Motherbox Records - marked the band's first breakthrough in the past: the influences of California punkrock, The Clash and The Ramones are still echoing, but the Elvis's Burning Love covers hint at the band's way forward.

The Peawees are touring the USA at this time (with twelve concerts from New York to Washington), and the magazine "Rumore" in Italy names This is Rock n' Roll one of the ten best punkrock albums of 1998. In 1999 there was the first genuine shift in the occupation: Peawees are releasing a few single releases on vinyls under just as many UK label names, and the new line-up is going to the UK for a 13-day UK touring that will allow the group to gain new supporters outside their home town.

The Peawees are considered one of the world' s most powerful Rock and Pop groups in the 21C. Their third record, Dead End City, published in 2001 (on the Netherlands Stardumb Records label), has received outstanding critics around the world and the group has been interviews by Maximum Rock n' Roll, the historical punk journal from San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Hervé, Riccardo, Andrea and Jacopo are performing all over Europe, and the US based Groovie Ghoulies cover Cause You Don't Know Me, probably the Peawees' most famous track included in Dead End City (now also available) in Italy from Ammonia Records with additional music. The Peawees are on their way to a long road trip with their new line-up, sharing the stages with punkrock legends like Radio Birdman, Damned, Dwarves, Bad Religion, Marky Ramone and others.

In the following year two of the band's tracks - Road to Rock n' Roll and By My Side - are featured in the sound track for the X-Box NHL Rivals combo. End of 2005 Andreas takes his place at the drum kit and returned to The Peawees. They play liveshows and are working on the new Wynona Records release in 2007, Walking the Walk.

Reissued by the Italien labels Radiation and It's Alive in California and re-released on vinyls, the record entered the charts of the twenty best-selling freelance records in Italy. After a 36-day Europe touring ( among them the Netherlands Rotterdam Rumble festivals, Rip Offs and Radio Birdman) there is a last line-up change: Michele Napoli will replace him.

2011 will see Hervé, Riccardo, Carlo and Michele recording the fifth Peawees project, Wild Honey Records, It Behind (Wild Honey Records): an effort that takes you back in history, moves over punk and opens the door to the world. The Peawees are playing - and radiating - the Soul, r n' b und the rock n' roller of their origin.

Riccardo and Michele Fabio Clemente and Tommy Gonzalez (Texas drum ex-member of Nick Curran & The Lowlifes) give way in 2013, and in 2014, after the release of a 7? splits with the US group Lisa & The Lips, The Peawees are back on the street for a couple of appointments where they have the chance to join iconic groups such as The Sonics, The Dictators and Standells.

The Peawees will release 20 years in 2015 and you still don't know me, a compilation of 30 tracks to commemorate the band's 20th birthday, followed by a global touring. At the moment the group is working on a new record.

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