Best Punk Music

The Best Punk Music

Ramones Ramones Ramones, El Rock, Punk Rock, Band Posters, Rock Posters. As with other subcultures, the fundamental foundation of punk is music, the means by which every facet of this way of life expresses itself. We prefer punk, rock'n'roll, black music and rap, but we don't despise anything that is fresh and sincere. It' s the best garage punk played in Wisconsin. It' s almost Easter, we can use this time to relax and listen to hc-punk music again and again.


For this genre, it is even more difficult to write a story and follow musical development without taking into account the social impact and mentality of the people who heard and heard punk. This kind of music is characterized by a fast and throbbing rhythm, aggressive, in the songs messages of protest, rebellion, struggle are expressed.

It is a kind of music that does not compromise and makes itself heard as it is, without hiding behind fake facades, fake noises, fake beliefs. Punk music has changed a lot since the 1970s, when simplicity was used in every respect, simple guitar turns, heavy drums without articulated exchanges, repetitive melodies.

Among the historical formations that deserve special attention are the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and the Clash: groups that are considered the fathers of classical punk. Typically, a punk band consists of a drum set, a bass and two guitars, although this type of line-up may differ from group to group and from the type of punk played.

Mágico El González Sound - Best Music, Honest Honour.

We love bands, records, shows and are looking for new artists to produce, promote and play. We prefer punk, rock'n'roll, dark music and rapp, but we don't despise anything that is fresh and sincere. We try to find bands that make us dream and we want you to dream too.

Write to us, call us, suggest bands, let us know new artists and we will always be grateful.

The HELLNATION Store - Music and video store - Rome, Italy - 231 reviews - 195 photos

Roberto took over the business and managed it independently to this day, renaming it "HELLNATION". Over the years, the store has become a reference point for the capital's youth subcultures and many music lovers, who still today resist the crisis in the industry with passion and pride.

We sell vinyl of different music styles (rock, punk, ska, afro-funk, soul, hardcore, metal), CD, DVDs, T-shirts printed by us, brooches, books and football material. The company, formerly called'BANDA BONNOT', was run by Roberto and Vittorio until 1997. This year Roberto took over the business and changed the name to "HELLNATION".

Over the years, the store has become a symbol for the city' s young sub-cultures and many music lovers who are still passionate and proud about the industry's crises. Our company sells vinyl of various styles of music (rock, punk, ska, afro-funk, soul, hardcore, metal), CD's, DVD's, T-shirts, pins, books and football material that we have made.

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