Best Punk Bands today

The best punk bands today

You're some kind of punk rock legend today. The government problem, negative exchange rates, rise against, SSD and youth of today. Did you do your punk rock homework today? To remember the best of Malta. The Dead Centuries and Edoardo offer us their responsibility for pure punk rock.

Threat, Giuda, Total Apatia and total Apatia!

Outside, where you can enjoy the beginning of summer, 9 bands of different genres will perform from afternoon to night, but always in punk, ready to give their best! Defined by the historic fancine Sniffing Glue as "the best punk group in England today", they released their first 7" "Insane Society" in August 77, which exploded in March 78 with the immortal single "GLC/ I'm civilised".

After about twenty years of forgetting, they reformed in the 2000s and proved to be a great performer to this day. They have performed on the stages of the biggest festivals in Europe (Rebellion, Punk and Disorderly, etc.) and on the stages of Europe, Japan and the USA. RollingStone: Born in 1997 from the shared experience of the never forgotten "taxi", Giuda is the best Italian roadrock and roll group, uniquely combining the glamour of the 70' with the first English punk.

After the first sold out 7" "Get it over" the consecration follows with the first continuous "Racey Roller", which is praised worldwide and which plays the volume in the most important European clubs and the legendary American celebration "2000 ton TNT" as well as the largest Punk groups of the world.

Punkrock since 15 years! Always faithful to their "punk mestizo" that gently ranges from pop-punk, street-punk, hc... We find them on the road in these early months of 2013 to celebrate 15 years of activity that have produced a demonstration reel, 2 LPs, 2 ALBUMs, 4 VIDEOCLIPs, several compilations and over 350 concerts... it's exactly the "live" dimension that suits the bands that make up our musical heritage.

Over time, the inclination and approach to composition within the group changes: the rhythm accelerates, the sound becomes more and more powerful and adrenaline rich, which is essentially due to the Italian tradition of Old Speed Hardcore. With these coordinates, the group produces 4 albums (the last of 2010) and gains a certain reputation by playing with the best bands on the peninsula and collaborating across national borders.

The disturbance originated in September 2004 as a threesome of "Punk-HC lacustrine". Not being traceable to a "particular type of punk" is probably the hallmark of the group, which has always championed the importance of content rather than form. For disturbances, punk and hec are the most direct ways of expressing themselves, communicating, conveying a message, creating moments of aggregation and growth.

The last album "Basta il pensiero" was released on 20 January 2013 and takes the group on a one-year touring trip and plays throughout Italy with many Italian and foreign bands. Reiner Punkrock, active since 2000, after two records released from 2003 to 2011, are taking a long break, but are back worse than ever to introduce their fast and abrasive punk music school Punkreas, Derozer and with the corresponding references to the classic ramones!

The trio Skirt and Cremasco, on whose notes it is impossible to stand still! Rough voices combined with saxophone and accordion to transport a mixture of Irishman style pop, punk and pop, to give the party on the outskirts of the week the right touch. <font color="#ffff00" size=14>>Dj set by Fly The Flag Radio FINO AL MATTINO con selezione pinkska/new wave/rock and roller </ font>..........

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