Best Punk Bands

The Best Punk Bands

Los Saicos, a Peruvian garage rock band from Lima, is today regarded as an important proto-punk band. The Sleater-Kinney (awarded best punk band ever by Rolling Stone). Skirt became very popular in the sex pistols which were a very popular punk rock band. This single still vibrates punk with "Skizzo skizzo", one of Jo Squillo's best songs. At home, at work or perhaps in your method can be the best area within the network connections.

The 20 best PUNK discs of the year 2018

The record of the year is a cod. Gentlemen, in the fifteen tracks of this CD lies the future of rock'n'roll. It was written by the chats: three Australian students playing a punk so uncomplicated, naked and fucked up that a miracle cries. The album collects the band's first two unreachable ep's and rings in a series of delicious two-bit choirs that bring the lancet back to 40, but also 50 years.

Of course there is the anger of punk, but also the cheekiness and authenticity of the bands in the garages of the late sixties. All crammed into very rough tracks of only two minutes, full of minimal riffs and poisonous melodies. An album that is already a classic for me. I wouldn't really talk about punk, not least because Beechwood has a poisonous mixture of dark and hot skirt in their veins, overtaking psychedelia and powerful hop to touch, sometimes even shock.

Following in the footsteps of "Inside The Flesh Hotel" there is infectious mid-tempo music like " Bigo in my bedroom", choral singing of Country Psychedelia ("Our loves was worth our heartbreak"), more pulled songs like the instrumental "Nero" (which almost looks like a storm windsurf ing song) and popular beads like " Up and down".

Sweet, poisonous songs, snake singers crawling fast through the slums of Manhattan. Hisurfbort are a loud punk group, oscillating between the naïve spontaneity of the first Californian scene (X, Germs and Avengers) and a certain American hard-core played at breakneck speed. Some Martians, but not too much, who were in the Mecca of Punk and started playing a dirty Rock'n'Roll and Kaciarone, but at the same time sexual and funny.

Among their admirers there is even John Doe of Winter, who, if he's not completely amazed, already speaks of a volume destined to write the history of punk. Punk is still something alive and boiling, albeit more on a musical than on a social level. And Surbort are among the best interpreters of this tradition.

In fact, Dark Thoughts play punkrock and poppunk in the wake of the Ramones, albeit with a special predilection for their 80s. Fortunately, they also specialize in short, lightning fast tracks, so much so that they can record 12 songs in less than 20 minutes.

While demented Rock'n'Roll beats like "Watch you Walk away" and "Little thing" know how to stun you like only the first and fantastic Mean Jeans could. Discotheque speettacolare. But how can we not include in the ranking of the best punk HC garage records of 2018 this collection of Marked Men, who after ten years of record silence unexpectedly holds a "new" record of one of the best punk rocking bands of the year 2000 in our hands?

And then let's be honest: Marked Men's "Scraps" could be the flagship songs of many of the currently existing punk bands. A double album (also released as a box-set, with various tear drops), which besides an interesting solo retrospective of the clash-leader - with collecting participations, soundtracks and tracks from the records with Mescaleros: in short, everything that happened after the dissolution of the biggest skirt group of all times - gives us 12 unreleased goose bumps, which are like an ice beer in the desert.

Songs found by Joe's wife by browsing the endless family archives. Besides some demos and some alternate versions there are also some never heard before songs - at least from me - like the beautiful "Puring Rain" (played with Simonon and Howard), a tearjerker like " Blue on the River" - every time I hear Joe's voice I don't know anything about you, but for me my heart beats very fast and I get a knot in the throat - a very strange and wonderful version of "This is England", here renamed "Czechoslovak Song" and so on.

To close the album of the new songs, there is another song that will move every enthusiast of the Clash who respects: "U.S. North", song from 1986 between Clash and Big Audio Dynamite that Joe plays with Mick Jones (here on guitar and vocals). But you know that for me - and for any decent punk - this should be the record of the year.

Peawees are the best Italian rock'n'roll group. And they prove it once more with this absolutely great record. "The " Move Target " comes seven years after its predecessor "eave it behind " and is one of the highest points touched by the La Spezia group. Ten compact pieces of rhythms and blues that are really hard not to lose your head for.

Compared to the past there is more attention for the melodies and the ballads surpass the rock'n'roll songs. It is an unlimited class record, rich in sounds and nuances. Sounds that can't be more American, capable of bringing M5C and moving targets together in the same cd.

In the broadest sense of the word, punk, in short, even if it comes from the one who was born and raised on the other side of the ocean. There are most pieces in the garages like "Next mistake", the cosmic rocks of "No pain", the ballads ("Asleep") and the punk of "Banned from my city". All songs on the record follow one after the other.

To keep them together, there is above all the shameless and unique voice of Stefano Ilari, which can give the whole record a very personal touch. My favourite songs on the record are undoubtedly "What you're waiting for" (under the Husker Du of "Candy Apple grey" and the already mentioned Moving Targets) and "Oblivion", with a bombastic and infectious melody.

Minneapolis' first eponymous Color Tv record lasts only 18 minutes and a few seconds, but it only takes a few moments to understand that it's a crazy record. The most important hints for understanding the boundaries within which Color TV operates are beach punk and melodic heavycore with a deep aftertaste.

But if, as always, you need a reference group to formulate our thoughts about Red Dons, one of the best punk bands of the last 15 years, or about Vicious and their mixture of sharp guitars, obsessive sounds and sweet-sour melodies (listen to "Serial Offender" and "Self Carelles" and then tell me if I'm not right).

Apart from bullshit, a short record has much more chances of becoming a cool record, and considering that this Rik and the Pigs record lasts as long as a typical Pink Floyd song, you will immediately understand how my heart beats. Also because it takes very little time to fall in love with these handfuls of crazy songs.

The basic ingredients of this damaged by indecency damaged Cocktails are: rude Punk, big, beautiful Riffs and Rüpel, Glamsprays and festive mood. In short, the kind of tone any self-respecting (disrespecting) group should have these days. The black and white photo on the record cover, with the cunning look, the leather jacket and the electric saw in the hand, perfectly describes the new and well-known record of Sick Thoughts.

A 20-year-old punk hooligan, Sick Thoughts plays very fast and low-fidelity punk tracks, filled with dull and pedantic vocal lines. What you'll find on this album of the same name is White Weapar Blue for misshapen young people and beonies: people who would leave a bad impression even at a Star Wars fandom.

And even if he slows down his shabby guitar a bit, he can give us an LP like this. Fortunately Fat Wreck holds on to the few bands that continue to justify his existence. Night Birds are undoubtedly among the spearheads of the Fat team and prove it with this record of brilliant hard-core that takes us back to California in the 80s.

The songs of "Roll Credits" (8 songs in 17 minutes, including the beautiful covers of "I need a torch" by Suicide Commandos) are the quintessence of punk sand, the mixture of punk, surfs and heavycore that was born in the early 80s between Orange County, Los Angeles and Hermosa beach. If you like fast songs, tight rhythms, hysterical voices and sour melodies, it's the perfect record.

But apart from this eponymous record, the result of a beautiful musical project that brings together some of the best newcomers in the hard-core scene between Sarzana and Ventimiglia, it's a small wonder that few were lucky enough to listen. A unique and disruptive record, recorded by a kind of supergroup and released by the usual mass of independent labels.

A collection of songs that were shouted in the choir, that hurt like stings ("Galeone"), a hard-core epic that manages to renew in a completely natural way one of the least innovative genres there is. They have great melodies and strong choirs, love rock'n'roll, but also powerful hop and first punk and can write irresistible three-minute songs.

The riffs get fuller and also the structure of the pieces varies slightly (see "Profit and losses"). All eleven tracks on the album sound great, have the right amount of split and - sorry, if that's not enough - the right vocal melodies ("Ode to power"). Furthermore, on the tracks of the album the fundus of cosmically melancholic, deserted beach floats in the middle of autumn, which remains a true trademark of the group.

The result is such a spectacular record as "Song from the Lodge". A solid record full of great songs, loud and stylish at the same time. A real jewel with poisonous melodies, like a mass sung by Venetian punks. If Peawees are the best Italian rock'n'roll bands, Lame are the biggest garages bands of the boot (and not only).

Under the direction of the legendary Massimo Scocca, the Turin trio, although they have only two albums in their honour, is already a reference point for those who grew up with gunk-punk in the early 90s. Lame's second work unleashes a less violent sound than at the beginning and a very strong feeling of melancholy runs through the cd.

These four New Zealand debauched bands are one of the most punk bands you can find in the area. They play a minimal and very fast underground like cavemen filled with cheap beer to which they have given random musical instruments. This third dataset does not differ much from the two previous publications.

In fact, the Bergamo based group has a lot in common with the Texas quartet: first the taste for acidic and melancholic melodies and then the unhealthy tendency to pop-punk with a thousand per hour. Nevertheless, the Hakan remain the Hakan and don't miss a beat on this third record, as in the two previous albums.

Short and lightning-fast pieces (which rarely reach two minutes), double voices, infectious choirs, flat guitars and many greetings. Among my favorite pieces (okay, it would be easier to say: all of them) are "King of Edonè", "They don't like it", "Pita for breakfast" and "Hangover girl". This could be enough to describe an angry and glowing record as "Witch off your head" of Parmesan Shitty Life.

Twelve pieces of a very rough bone breaker for the Todesgarage played at full speed. In short, a total ruin, for an immediate and uncompromising record. 80's hard-core and original rock'n'roll blend perfectly with the grooves of this black vinyl. There is no better adjective than "Torbido" to describe the first record of the novel Holiday Inn - after a handful of great singles.

Often compared to Suicide, the Capitoline synth-punk duet has a lot with Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Beyond the edgy sounds that seep out of the songs on the album, Holiday Inn also have a strong taste for tonal provocation, radicalism and minimalism.

Rock'n'roll is completely disassembled and reduced to a minimum: stomping voice and synthesizer are the key elements of a synthetic sounds, industrial and derailment that never leaves you. And in fact, "Torbido" is not a simple record at all, on the contrary, it is disturbing and fortunately constantly puts you to the test.

A record that is indispensable for any question. On all 10 tracks you can breathe a feeling of total decadence. The perfect plate for a dystopian nightmare.

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