Best Punk Artists

The Best Punk Artists

Explore the best Italian melodic hardcore punk artists to find new music. Punk Blues is a musical genre that combines punk rock with blues structures. DE ) Top artist, Plastic by Annex Punk Rock Music concert poster canvas art print - mood swings per month.

The artists presented in the book "Nu Metal" by Tommaso Iannini.

To The Best Of Punk (Artistes divers) (CD, compilation)

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Testi Album: he Clash - The best punk record in the world... Never before....

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The 30 most beautiful covers of skirt music

The cover of a record is not an element of contour or a simple extension of the record company's desired set. The photo that should take this exact position is an artistic creation that moves in harmony with the atmosphere described by the songs. The picture is the starting point for the artist's journey, a signpost for the listener so that he can follow him on his way.

Leading personalities such as Andy Warhol, Mike Kelley, Raymond Pettibon and Slater Bradley, to name but a few, have given their insights into albums that in one way or another have entered the Olympus of rock music. Some pictures have developed their own lives by emancipating themselves from the fate of the bands. The cover was designed by Hans Ruedi Giger, Swiss painter and creator and father of Ridley Scott's alien appearance.

His aesthetics over the years have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for bands around the world and for all the science fiction and horror industry that has produced movies and video games. Photographer Pennie Smith immortalized Paul Simonon when she devastated her Fender Precision Bass on the stage of the Palladium in New York on September 21, 1979.

The cover of London Calling is also a clear homage to the first Elvis Presley record, the King of Rock and Roll. The most iconic picture in the history of popular arts shows the White Duke in full glory. British photographer Brian Duffy will accompany Bowie from 1972 to 1980 with 5 photo sessions following the development of a chameleon artist who has turned his existence into a work of artwork.

Released by Virgin Records on October 28, 1977, it is still considered the true punk philosophy of the time. The prints were the work of Jamie Reid, an English anarchist who had the merit of building up the nihilistic image of the pistols and putting it in the foreground. The rough and "loud" style of the group translated into an uncompromising aesthetic with an albums without photos of the group.

The only element is a writing cut out on a yellow background with the word balls, which caused serious problems for the plate's distributors. Always better than the single god Save The Queen, where swastikas and safety pins covered the official image of the queen. Inspired by a religious cover entitled Viraat Purushan - Vishnuroopam, which is a representation of the god Vishnu, the Hindu deities are taken over by the group.

The cover was designed by Kurt Cobain, inspired by a television programme about water supply. It was designed by Robert Fisher and shows a circumcised child of three months following a dollar bill hanging from a hook. To avoid possible censorship problems, an alternative cover with the child's penis erased with an airbrush was considered.

Those who could feel offended by the image of a newborn's penis probably had to be an oppressed paedophile, the band's head claimed. Behind the cover of The Dark Side Of The Moon is the work of Hipgnosis, a photographic and graphic agency that has become a real ideas laboratory.

The prism shown is full of concepts that are dear to the tape, where the ray of light is life. The cover of the houses of the saint is a surreal work of Aubrey Powell of the Hipgnose. Andy Warhol' famous work is The Velvet Underground & Nico, also called Bandana Albums.

Originally the cover of the Velvet Underground album didn't show any reference to the name of the label or the name of the group, but only the signature of the artist. Kids Are Alright is the score for the documentary that was released a few months after the tragic death of Keith Moon, the band's drummer.

The cover picture was taken by the well-known photographer Art Kane in Morningside Heights, New York. Supported by the monument to Carl Schurz, the political and revolutionary commander who was the first American of German origin to be elected to the U.S. Senate in 1896, the group, which sleeps under one flag, is supported by the memorial.

The cover of the legendary German album was designed by the German painter Gerhard Richter. The candle on the lid represents hope, the light at the end of the tunnels. The cover of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is perhaps the illustration that contains the most quotes, reproductions and reading keys.

The situation depicted is that of a concert that just ended with a crowd of people accompanying the group in a kind of village festival under the flower arrangements. Based on a drawing by Paul McCartney, the artists Peter Blake and Jann Haworth designed the artwork under the direction of Robert Fraser, an English art dealer.

On the cover of the third album of the Dublin based group you can see a portrait of a 9 year old boy. The artistic association continues to appear in the best years 1980-1990. In the United States, the cover found strong resistance for distribution. Again this time it was assumed that the photo contained a message with pedophile effects, so that it was subjected to censorship and the group had to choose a different solution.

The cover was entrusted to photographer Mick Skirt, known as the man who immortalized the 70s. The portrait of Lou Reed soon became an icon of music and unruly life, dedicating Frankenstein to music. The picture on the back cover was censored in Italy. The Belpeians did not appreciate the artistic pose of Ernst Thormahlen, a little boy depicted in denim, white T-shirt and bike hat.

The cover of the US singer's debut album was signed by Robert Mapplethorpe. The famous cover of Ramones' first album shows the brothers with their classic dress ring from the combination of punk and metal. The graphic project conceived by Andy Warhol was created by photographer Billy Name under the direction of Craig Braun.

The cover was created by photographer Joel Brodsky at the express request of Morrison, no member of the show, he at all. I hate the cover of our first record, our faces are hateful and useless, they said in an interview. Illustrator Vaughan Oliver and photographer Simon Larbalestier had the task of translating the band's rough and delicate texts into images.

The author of the graphics, Chris Bilheimer, who has worked with the tape in previous recordings, has created an atmospheric work of art that is strongly inspired by the art of Chinese communist Propaganda. His name is Eddie and he is the undisputed protagonist of the band's work. The monstrous figure who was born had a disfigured face, a skeletal body and represented a punk icon halfway between the Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Dawn of the Living Dead.

In every record, Eddie plays a role that is oriented towards the themes contained in the lyrics of the songs. The Master of Puppets is the third recording of the US group. The artwork is the work of Don Brautigam, an artist who graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York. The picture is strong and uncompromising, a true replica of themes suitable for different interpretations.

Not just a cover, but an icon consecrated by graphic artists and artists that still lives on T-shirts (see the one of a mouse) and circulates virally in networks. The picture shows the life cycle of the CP 1919, the first star pulsar to be discovered. The cover picture is the result of the work of photographer Joseph Cultice, who transformed the singer with 6-finger hands into a glamorous androgynous being (the latter detail cost censorship in Japan).

The cover of Santana's Abraxas Albums comes from a painting by Mati Klarwein, one of the most famous surrealist painters of the psychedelic era. The resulting image undermines biblical symbolism and plunges it into an ancestral dimension full of black and Voodoo magic. Love is there for everyone is an album without half measures and compromises, in which the German group deals with delicate themes, with provocative tones, so many, at the limit of decency.

The cover of Life is Peachy is entrusted to Seoul photographer Stephen Stickler, who was transplanted to California in the 1970s. Threatened childhood and the evil hidden in the depths of the human soul are themes that are very dear to the heart of Jonhatan Davis's volume, which are transformed into a work of art that revolves around the image of a child and an evil shadow that dominates behind him.

The second collaboration between the group and Storm Thorgerson, a British photographer and British design artist, Frances The Mail is known for his work with Pink Floyd. Curated together with Peter Curzon, Dan Abbott and Bill Thorgerson, the artwork bears its hallmark with finely detailed and realistic images that combine with a conceptual scrapbook inspired by the discovery of an abandoned diary in a car.

The double record of Billy Corgan's tape has become the symbol and even the highlight of their entire career. Mellon Collie's cover and the infinite sadness is inspired by the painting of Raphael, Saint Catherine of Alexandria and La Fedeltà by Jean-Baptiste Greuze. Imagine DI Metropertina Trata Dal Film The Blues Brothers.

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