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Like I Spent My Summer Vacation is the fifth album of pop punk band Bouncing Souls, the third on Epitaph Records. "This year " Honeymoon On The Moon" was awarded as one of the best pop-punk albums in Italy. Feverish catchy psych-punk and pure music fun. Here I have compiled the Great Masterpiece albums of artists from all over the world. Paul McCartney touches the top of his creativity in this album with "Let it be".

Drugs (a chaos), rock'n'roll (if possible), sex (if you don't mind me falling asleep): the epic of the punks - The flight of the geese - Blog

I spent a few days in December in Milan and one evening in Via Caprilli, not far from the San Siro stadium, I met two young people who reminded me of the old punks who looked out of Trieste for some time around the 1980s. I hadn' t met any punk for at least twenty years (I actually thought they didn't exist anymore), and the impression I had, accompanied by a tremor of sadness, was that these young people, on the other hand, were going out of time and out of history.

I read that the ideological heritage of the punks was taken up today by Picabbestia (or Pancabestia, I don't know what the right diction is), but I instinctively imagine that the distance between the two cultures is enormous. Who can tell me how the punks were born and where the pancake bestia came from?

Punk was one of the most sensational movements of the 20th century. Unlike the hippies who preceded them and marched for peace, glorifying their colors and imagination, the punks "lived as if World War III had already taken place and they were the only survivors" (the happy definition comes from Serena Zuccheri, who taught at the University of Bologna and studied the phenomenon for a long time).

Proud of their failure, the punks were an expression of the economic and social crisis that hit pre-tatcher England between the 1960s and 1970s, broken by debt, strikes, out-of-control inflation, unemployment and civil war in Ireland. Malcolm McLaren and his wife Vivienne Westwood, owner of a 430 King's Road London shop, celebrated leaders of the English catwalks, sniffed the air and built the prototype of the young punk at the table by pulling it from head to toe:

The group was an immediate success that exceeded all expectations: the Sex Pistols were surrounded by teenagers, prostitutes and drug addicts and the silent revolt of the punks turned from the front page into a media phenomenon. The Sex Pistols were not music, but noise: the punks mumbled, insulted, burped and the central element of their performances was always an extreme and symbolic gesture, like licking shoes for the public.

The impertinence of the Sex Pistols infected the London suburbs: dirty, decorated with rivets, chains, fishnets, coats or old raincoats that were never washed, thousands of young people recognized themselves in this model and married it. Punk culture in the USA began in the same years as in Great Britain. But beyond the ocean it was mostly a musical phenomenon.

The fame of the Sex Pistols, from 1977, contributed to the spread of the punk phenomenon in almost all Western countries. A few months after his first concert, the group became a commercial phenomenon and was soon dissolved. Today only a few surviving communities are left of the punks, who have only one name for their fathers.

A few years ago, actor Jerry CalĂ  revealed that he had denounced a community of punks for stalking: the actor played a punk in the 1983 television series Vacation Profession and from then on became the target of esteem and telephone jokes. Punkabestia were big-city vagabonds, heirs of punks. The suffix abestia is of uncertain origin: perhaps it is due to the habit of these young people to always have dogs with them, or perhaps it was just a Tuscan colloquial language to emphasize their condition, their punk.

More than a social phenomenon, some say, the Punkabbestien were only an aesthetic canon, a choice of life. The phenomenon has been studied little or not at all.

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