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The Best of Punk-O-Rama is a punk compilation released by Sony Music only in Japan, which contains the best of the Punk-O-Rama series. Best of the punk. Some of the best punk artists. View photos, profile pictures and albums of Green Day:'Best Punk Rock Band Ever'. You like tetra punk, you can like it too: DECRANEO's Sacrilegio.

Best punk album in the world... ever! Volume 1 (CD, compilation, unofficial release)

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Westwood Vivienne Best Punk Moment

Vivienne Westenwood, who turns 77 on 8 April, is one of the brilliant heads of punk: in the 1970s she was, together with groups such as the Sex Pistols, the creator of the rebellious image with which the movement identified. The iconoclastic designee, West Wood, sold bondage-inspired clothing and torn T-shirts covered in anarchistic slogans.

In the 1970s, whether it was spending time with punks outside his store or going to concerts with Sid Vicious, West Wood embodied the punk spirit like no other. Despite the loss of Dame Westwood from her brand through the handover of creative responsibility to her husband Andreas Kronthaler, she now more than ever remains a punk and proves to be an impregnable supporter of concerns such as nuclear disarmament and the fight against climate change.

On the occasion of the 77th birthday of His Majesty the Punk, we offer you a journey through the most beautiful moments of Vivienne Westwood in the British capital.

? Testi album: Normael - Normael-Best: Punk is not a religion

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