Best new Punk Rock Bands

The Best New Punk Rock Bands

The Beechwoods come from New York and show us that the Big Apple is once again a breeding ground for a certain kind of sound. This is Richie's cool new solo album and I'm busy with the queers. No wave (Early Swans, Early Sonic Youth, No New York Bands). We are not these really militant punks, but there has always been a very strong DIY ethic in our band. # New School Hard fucking Hard Core !

unter Black Shirts Records CAPOLAVORO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! A new great LP from the passionate political hardcore combo from Cesena.

The first, the only and best punk and electronic music group.

The first, the only and best punk and electronic music group. With the album "The Fat of the Land" they sold millions of copies and belonged for a while to the most important bands of the world. On stage their show is very effective thanks to the punk sound of the guitars, the rhythm of the electronics and a fantastic play of light!

Bush is the only English group that could represent the style of Seattle in the 90s. They were the successors of big Grunge bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. An English rock group with a powerful rock style that has filled arenas and festivals thanks to the charismatic singer Haut. Live Skunk Anansie is real rock!

The Swedish garages rock group really has clarity about how to appeal to the audience: a flawless look, songs that speak of madness, "idiots walking" and sex and an unforgettable life. Surely we can admit that it is one of our favourite bands! This Birmingham based group, already since their first single in 2005 "Munich", had a big success.

Thanks to numerous concerts, they launched their debut CD "The Back Room", which was directly promoted to the English TOP 10. In the same year they changed from Franz Ferdinand's opening concerts to the headline of numerous open-air festivals. Born in Beirut in 1983, he moved to London at the age of 10.

His appearance on the stage of the Tauber Valley, which he shared with Pink, was indeed one of the best we have seen in recent years! Thanks also to his fantastic line-up his appearance in the Tauber valley was great. After opening David Bowie's concerts on one of his tours, they also had the opportunity to play on his 50th birthday at a concert in Madison Square Garden, where they shared the stage with real legends like Lou Reed and The Cure.

They are one of the most important bands of the last years. With its charismatic front man Robert Smith, the group will be remembered for a long time and has received many prizes and awards. And we were lucky to see them at the Taubertal Open Air Festival! He is considered by many to be the father of punk.

He, who is David Bowie's best friend among others, has been quoted or literally copied by every punk group of the past and present. King of Punk and that unmistakable dirty guitar sound! After being one of the biggest bands of the early 2000s and appearing in all international music magazines (from Rolling Stone to Q Mag), they spent 6 million dollars on alcohol and drugs during a trip.

After this episode followed a phase of rehabilitation, and now they have been chosen by Lady Gaga, who is a big supporter of them, to open their concerts during the European Tour. Bad Religion works a lot in the festival circuit. They write texts with strong political messages that combine with punk energy.

Together with other big bands like Foo Fighters they released an albums with songs against George Bush. Singer Greg Graffin is also the author of books on society and atheism and teaches natural sciences at the U.C.L.A. They are an alternative rock group from Bavaria. At that time they had a record deal and started playing all over Europe until their single made it into the top 20 in 4 countries and won the "Best New Artist" award at the Swedish MTV Music Awards.

In 6 countries their record went under the top 40 and opened concerts for big names in rock.

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