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The comic biography of Ramones, the group that invented punk rock.

The One, Two, Three, Four Ramones is the bio-graphic novel by Xavier Bétancourt, Bruno Cadène, Éric Cartier, which shows the story of the punk quartet of the "Brothers" of New York and does this directly, with flashbacks as in a biographical movie. Johnny on guitar, Dee Dee Dee on bass and Tommy on drums, that's the historical line-up of Ramones, the punk inventor.

The story follows Dee Dee's point of view and begins when the bass player, now immersed in alcohol and drugs, has left the bond in which everyone hates himself. Johnny hates Johnny because he has stolen his girlfriend, Johnny thinks that Johey is little more than an idiot, Dee Dee hates Johnny because he commands everyone with his republican military school, meanwhile there are three drummers because it is not easy at all to stay objectively in this group.

The beginnings in the clubs of New York, the success in London, the acquaintance with the local scene, the Sex Pistols, Clash, Stranglers, Sid Vicious's admiration for Dee Dee Dee, the first record, the next, the hallucinating experience with the producer Phil Spector, who threatened the group with a gun,

the hatred that is more and more rooted in the tape, the hospital stay of Dee Dee Dee in a psychiatric hospital, Joey's illness that was not visited by any of the "brothers" at the bed, up to the settlement in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Life and death of the group that invented punkrock, where you play without bells and whistles, bass guitar, drums and vocals, without solo, everything fast, all powerful chords, all settings.

A style of music copied by thousands of bands all over the world, and a lifestyle intended only for real hard people, out of vans, drugs, trucks, girls, jokes, dark silence and resentment, but also out of affection, as if playing together was the only possible thing in life, beyond the abyss. He was the first to die of an illness in 1996, but his life seems to be closely linked to that of the hated Johnny, who also died of the illness in the same year.

Death from an OD (though she told everyone he was clean) in 2002 and Tommy in 2014 ended the Ramones' historic lineup forever. Released in Italy by Edizioni BD in the rock series, it is a necessary purchase for fans of the group.

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