Best new Punk Music

The Best New Punk Music

On what is Joe Queer currently listening when it comes to personal taste in music? a Mercury Music Prize and a BRIT Award for the best British band. Murmur, psichedelia, post-punk, electronic, dark, new wave. In Campodarsego the opening concert of the XXIX International Music Meeting. Derivation, sometimes inspired by post-punk (Lcd soundsystem), sometimes to the most authentic pop.

Music festivals, the best of this summer with LNWSI La New Wave Sono Io!

Music festivals, the best of this summer with LNWSI La New Wave Sono Io! It is often coincidences that we invent to give the narrative a "mythical" touch, but when we talk about the music and artists that have influenced us the most in our lives, a little legend doesn't hurt.

As soon as possible the Atlantide web site will have its own channel called ATLANTIDE CLASSICROOM. The LNWSI playlist by Massimo Siddi, not where, but when. So we were left behind on a grey October day and a ferry to Isola Mito, yes, of course, but even in this case, in order to understand what I am doing on the pier of a port, we have to return only a few months while I was on another communication route: the Ring of Bologna.

The Red Pill, the unexpected effects of LNWSI! The red pill that I offer you immodestly in the Opening de LNWSI! as if you were Morpheus in front of his Neo - mine then become pills of alternative music - is probably one of the triggering factors that caused Teo Kaczynski to leave the academic world, work with his brother, walk into a small woodshed without light and without running water and live there, in the woods of Lincoln in Montana, where he sent his "messages" into the world.

Matthew is about to harvest the well-deserved fruit of his work and lead a music group from Bologna to success as it hasn't been seen for a long time, or perhaps as it has never been seen before in Italy - then I called it a boys group, because they were actually cursed beards that sold more than a million times on the first record (the only one in truth), not so much - while for my part the umpteenth space-time cycle was about to open up.

In summary, we went from the studio of audio plays to the early 90's, where I told Simona to meet Silvia, who gave me a zero TV number from Border City, and then, spanned by LatteMiele and Paolo Monesi radios, she was transformed into a project of radios, but landed on the satellites, in space, which didn't come about for the decision to invest in a television station, but here is that with Mattia, I made a two-handed demonstration, which completely out of my own, with Mattia, I made a two-handed one.

One year after #Pumapardo, it' s time for LNWSI: on 26 November 2016, cross-media broadcasts between the Atlantide online channel and the radio channel Città Fuijko 103. 1 FM Bologna will start. FM on IP and podcasts for an experience "how, where, when" you want! 18-11-2017 music is dead, long live music!

Viva la Musica, La Musica è móta! Viva la Musica, La Musica è Móta!

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