Best Minimal Djs

The Best Minimal DJs

Some of the best jazz albums and their influence on the lamps of the middle of the century. Sites in the category "Italian DJs". TOP DJs' POSITIVE FEEDBACKS and CHARTS : HOUSE / DEEP-HOUSE / TECH-HOUSE / TECHNO / MINIMAL DJS : Outstanding transient response ensures minimal distortion. A stunning selection of high quality minimal and techno pearls!

Kaleesi Dj

In 2008 Camilla Pitton, alias Kaleesi dj, started playing in some Roman clubs after attending several mixed courses in remix (historical reference point for all DJs and lovers of electronic in the capital ), DJ schools and students of electronic musicians in Yoamaha. Lovers of houses, technos, minimal as well as regulars of roman, italian and european clubs find themselves in a short time to play in some important roman clubs:

In 2012 Camilla Pitton returns as Kaleesi DJ, her DJ setup, with a refined and engaging taste ranging from profound progressives to technique houses to electronic sounds. In 2013, he began a collaboration with drummer Dario Rossi, laying the foundation for a project inspired by the combination of percussion and electronic music.

In 2015 he began a collaboration with the salento saxophonist Luigi Zitano, also known as Rudiae saxophone, who combines electronic sounds with the warm sound of the tenor saxophone.

Hardware DJ Equipment

From mixers to digital controllers, hybrid turntables to sequencers - DJs have never had such good experiences. Don't settle for just another boring MIDI DJ control, take a look at what the DJTech Tools Midi Fighter can do. For Sara Simms, her Traktor Stepsquencer is very attractive for Traktor and other imaginative functions. Minimal design.

It can be used as a tractor sequencer and for a variety of creative purposes. The NS7 II is based on great craftsmanship, intuitive styling features and good sound quality, but it'?s not going to get a shot at Number? Advantages: Good construction quality. Can communicate with any compatible MIDI DJ application.

The tractor mapping requires an update. Web: NI Trakor Kontrol X1 MK2 is here and contains some new features, a simplified lay-out compared to its predecessor and can be used as keyboard control for other applications. Looking to the future is something the Native Instruments Traktor series of DJ controllers (and software) has been doing for several years.

Find out whether the Kontrol S4 MK2 brings the future closer. ollin Jones has put his hands on the top DJ NI controller, Traktor Kontrol S8, and has completed a complete training. Perfect integration between hard- and softwares. Can be used as a standalone mixing device or audio/MIDI interface.

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