Best Folk Songs

The best folk songs

Best Italian traditional music: Neapolitan songs are much more than just simple folk music, they are certainly celebrated all over the world. Best place you can get is the baggage car. The Venetian folk songs are mainly choir songs. <font color="#ffff00">


Twenty best folk songs from Israel

The best performers of traditional Israeli music such as Effi Netzer, Ilan & Ilanit and Gevatron sing: "Yerushalaim Shel Zahav", "Hine ma Tov", "Sissu et Yerushalaim", "Am Echad Lev Echad", a medialey of traditional Yemenite songs and many other typical songs of the country's people. "20 Best Folk Songs from Israel" offers the listener an insight into an old music tradition with a thousand influences.

Twenty of America's Best Folk Songs

You might also be interested to know that 20 Best Folk Songs of America features some unforgettable sequels by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Huddy Ledbetter, Eric Anderson, Pete Seeger, Tom Campbell, Elizabeth Cotton and Jimmie Rodgers that bring the listener back to the smoky atmosphere of old American pubs. Listening to 20 Best Folk Songs of America you can feel the passion of dreams, the truth of protest and the hope of love that enlivened the generation of musicians who ordered the success of American folk music.

The album booklet contains the lyrics and guitar chords for each track presented. In 1971, Margie Butler and Paul Espinoza met and founded the Paul & Margie duet, united by a strong passion for American folk music. The lyrical quality of Margie's voice, together with Paul's intensive interpretations, creates a warm and passionate style that perfectly reflects the high emotional content of the songs they interpret.

Testi Album: The Balalaika Ensemble Volga - Best of Russian Folk Songs: Balalaika Ensemble Volga

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