Best Folk Pop Album

The Best Folk Pop Album

with production and sensitivity that clearly differs from a pop grunge approach, a dazzling indie pop melody and an obsessive cry of rebellion. Possibly the best Italian pop album. Sells ( Todd Rudgren, David Bowie, Iggy Pop) on most of the Fiery Blue tracks. Children, uscito in anteprima according to the line of the best fit.

2017 Best Album The Independent

The purpose of a ranking of the best albums of the year is certainly not to put the records in order and sort the numbers by calculation, preference, importance and astrology: it is simply to give the reader an overview of what could be heard during the year, suggesting a recovery in ratings between new releases in 2017.

And so this year we give you our proposal: 50 (and more) records to listen to, recall, love and hate - but don't worry, you don't have to live all this with fear and haste. Good hearing is the spirit with which you read a ranking of the best albums.

Let us begin our ascent to the best albums of the year with the records of 2017, to which we assign a Palme d'Or, and which for various reasons will not enter numerology. Simply press the playback button on the disc to understand the magic of Mark Eitzel's songwriter. Big Thief, also called folk rock poet, Lenker manages to record a fresh and cathartic record with stylish hits like Shark Smile or Mythological Beauty.

This is not the record of a black man who decides to declare himself homosexual, but of a complex man who throws away all masks and begins to live every day for what he is, who decides to get away from this McLaren. We still need the superhuman strength with which Pontiak makes music, we still need to be dragged away from the psychic rocks, and if you don't believe it, try the dialectic of ignorance.

Had we been told that Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson returned with a record in excellent form, we probably would not have believed it. I don't mean to suggest that the ranking included a phantom "Icelandic part", but that Björk remains an international champion, even if he comes from a very small country, and his utopia she continues to sing (as she is used to from us) for the whole world.

Eleventh album for the Norwegian group, do not deny the dark sounds even in The Assassination of Julius Caesar. Don't stop at the imaginary metal: Since the first track Ulver gives us a little excursion into music and human history.

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