Best Folk Music Artists

The best folk music artists

Published, artist, title, reviews, reviews, ratings, reviews, score. Best folk music from Italy - Various artists. " Lassa Sta' la Me' Creatura", strongly influenced by traditional music, popular music with archaic instruments and modern technology. Best folk music from Italy. - Various artists - Galletti-Boston, Corrado Graziani.

Poll McKenna Band

For over a decade he has been traveling the world as a musician and collecting stories from everyday and extraordinary life. When asked what he wants from the music industry, it's simply "nothing... I just want to sing songs": Whether it's about social injustice, inequality or a tribute to the miracle and the joy of simple things, he sings for all of us.

His bandmates (Ewan Baird, Conor Markey, Robbie Greig, Conal McDonagh) blend extraordinary melodies with traditional instrumentation and their sounds led them to no less than six major Canadian folk festivals from Vancouver to Nova Scotia in 2017. They participated in the best festivals in the world (Woodford Folk Fest, Tonder Folk Fest, Cambridge Folk Fest), toured for over a decade in Germany, England, Belgium, Australia, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.

Nominated as The Scots Trad Music Awards 2012 winner of the Scots Singers of the Year, they continue Paul's recognition and highlight the bands and 4 albums that continue to enchant with well realized tales. "The best folk group that has come from Scotland in the last twenty years" New York Times "The best folk group of their generation" (The Living Tradition) "A group with the capacity to rule the Scottish-Irish tradition for the next twenty years" (Fatea Magazine)Glasgow's Paul McKenna sees the globe as verse and choir: For over a decade he has been traveling the globe as a performer, gathering tales of daily and extraordinary life.

It is from there that the lieder come, composed and chanted by a simple man with an extraordinary singing style. When he starts telling a story, the crowd is calm, and when you ask him what he wants from the music business, it's just "nothing... I just want to song". Their band colleagues (Ewan Baird, Conor Markey, Robbie Greig, Conal McDonagh) interweave extraordinary tunes with classical instruments and their sounds have led them to no less than six large Canada folk festival from Vancouver to Nova Scotia in 2017. In 2017 they have also been featured at some of the world's best folk festival events (Woodford Folk Festival, Tonder Folk Festival, Cambridge Folk Fest), touring Germany, England, Belgium, Australia, Australia for over a ten year period.

Awarded Scottish Singer of the Year 2012 at The Scots Trad Music Awards, Paul's awards further highlight him, the volume and 4 records jammed with well-made stories of individuals we know and wish we could be.

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