Best Folk Music 2016

2016 Best Folk Music

The best playlist for Italian folk music. The Dance Music Awards best performer 2016. The best folk music group XXVI Festival di Alnwick (GB) 2002. Hava Nagila Israeli dance (+playlist) Judaism, dancing, folk dance, dance,..

.. This is the best Natural version ever with flute in live operation.


American folk music like you've never heard before! The enormous impact that West African music and dance had on American culture is known today, but centuries ago European music was changed by Arabic and North African ways, instruments and rhythms. Rhiannon and Francesco follow this musical globalism together, inventing with incredible originality and mastery the encounter between the accordion and the framed drum and other instruments, including violin and piano, on a musical journey that stretches from Africa and the Middle East to Southern Europe, England and America.

In 2015 he released his first critically acclaimed album: in which the elegant gait, the wonderful voice and the proud spirit of this artist emerge overwhelmingly, masterfully combining musical genres such as genres of qospel, jazzy, blues as well as rural, showing their extraordinary emotional breadth and breathtaking voice; produced by Burnett, .

The album is enthusiastically received by the public and critics for its sentences in the Wall Street Journal: for the International Folk Music Awards, for excellence in banjo and bluegrass (the only woman and black person to win the prize in its six-year history), and finally Giddens and Carolina Chocolate Drops are inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.

2017 is the year in which Rhiannon released his second record, in the top 10 U.S. international radios for weeks; the two sang the song at the Tonight Show and at the CMA Awards. As Hannah Lee "Hallie" Jordan, a social worker with the voice of an angel, she has the traditional Irish singer Roisin El Safty, the old Catalan music singer Clara Sanabras and the drum virtuosos Zohar Fresco Frame as guests.

He has played, collaborated and recorded with artists from the worlds of classical, early, classical and classical music, as well as classical music, in addition to those already mentioned: All these different musical experiences unite in his unique and original way of playing the piano. The style of his piano compositions is indeed difficult to define, there are echoes of Renaissance counterpoints, stubborn basses, Mediterranean modal melodies, minimalism and sparkling improvisations of jazzy music.

His ability to rework old melodies and rhythms through the prism of contemporary Jazz defines him as one of the most original voices to have emerged on the European scene over the past decade. Ian Patterson (All About Jazz).

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