Best Folk Albums of all Time

The best folk albums of all time

As one of the best Italian songwriters, De Andrè has produced several great albums. The first song for the debut album was written after a very successful jam together. Liège and Lief Vinyl LP Liège & Lief is the fourth electric folk album from Fairport Convention and an important release. It was this album that officially founded the genre "English Folk-Rock". Probably the biggest folk-rock album of all time, legendary lineup.

List of the 500 best albums by Rolling Stone

The English version of the book "Rolling Stone the 500 best albums ever". The most represented musicians are the Beatles (11 albums), Bob Dylan (10), the Rolling Stones (10), Bruce Springsteen (8), the Who (7), Elton John (6), David Bowie (6), Radiohead (5), U2 (5), Bob Marley (5), Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd (4).

Rolling Stone's list contains albums sung exclusively in English or instrumental language (with the exception of a few pieces). The performers are almost exclusively British or American artists. The only records of artists who don't belong to this nationality are: In 2012 Rolling Stone made several changes to the list and updated it with relatively new additions.

Changes include the recording of three albums by Kanye West and the latest albums by Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. A total of 30 albums have been removed and as many added. The oldest record is The Anthology of American Folk Music from 1952. There are three artists with the most albums: Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan with 10 tracks in the charts.

The list includes 40 albums released between 2000 and 2012, while those of the 1970s have grown to a total of 187 with new releases. The 500 best albums after Rolling Stone, on

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I don't think much of rocking musicians as poets. Heaney, Merrill, Zukofsky, Brodsky, Ashbery, Ammons, Brathwaite, Akhmatova, Yetvushenko, Herbert, Rozewicz, Holan, Ekelof, Elytis, Octavio Paz, Luzi, Zanzotto, Sereni...). If you really want to read poetry, there are dozens and maybe hundreds of poets who are better than any musician.

My opinion has always been that music is underrated as music, but overrated as poetry. There are many compositions of rocks that can easily stand next to the works of Messiaen, Shostakovic, Elliot Carter, Hovhaness, Lutoslawski, Milton Babbitt, Lou Harrison, Karel Husa, Xenakis, Ligeti, Penderecki, Boulez, Stockhausen, etc. Instead, I find it difficult to place every pop/rock/ folk musician next to the greatest poets.

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