Best Britpop Songs

The best Britpop songs

"I'm happy with the songs on the albums, but not with the release. Best Spring Fling songs: Only one song for one album (only pulp with two songs from "Different Class"). After the release of Blur: The Best Of, the streets of Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon begin to share. It was the great songs and Noel Gallagher's amazing songwriting that attracted me.

Special Britpop. Twenty-five + one year double.

Those who help us remember (or simply celebrate?) Britpop, a term with which British music has succeeded in leaving behind the last tangible sign of its undeniable genetic talent. Numbers are as important as the historical dating of the "movement" in question. Date suggested to us by journalist John Harris, who in the publications of the singles "Pop Scene" signed Blur and "The Drowners" Suede, the origin from which it all began.

The label, the word, the sentence Britpop was already used in the late 80s by John Robb, journalist of Sound and front man of Goldbalde, for what we might call the "pioneers" of Britpop sound, namely The Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, The La's and so on. For many, Britpop emerged from a natural opposition to the excessive American power led by the city of Washington State.

In fact, for John Savage. The sunset for the courageous English journalist comes with the publication of'Be Here Now' by Academy of Sciences ('is not the big catastrophe). It' no coincidence that Alan McGee retired from the world of Academy after the subsequent work of the group ("Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants"), which he had brilliantly discovered seven years earlier in a club in Glasgow, where he had gone to the show of the "Friends" 18 Wheeler: "McGee You are on the same level as the Belgian distributor, because there is Marc Chung, there is this type of 3MV, there is the Belgian type and there is Alan McGee.

It is the summer of 1997 and the word "Britpop" is added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Let us try to list the main groups, some of which were violently involved in the Britpop movement, although their birth and extraction differed markedly from the then active majority. Authors, Elastica, Gen, Dodgy, Dubstar, Black Grape, Marion, These Animal Men, S*M*A*S*H, Cast, The Bluetones, Perfume, The Boo Radleys (dopo il primo album), Menswear, Pulp, Supergrass, Blur, Oasis, Sleeper, Echobelly, Powder, Northern Uproar, The Divine Comedy, Babybird, My Life Story,

Stereophony, Gay Dad, Manic Street Prediger (nacheinander al Primo Album), Ash, Heavy Stereo, Thurman, Fat Les, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, The Supernaturals, The Candyskins, Puressence, and per al al alcune anache i Gomez, Paul Weller of the first two solo albums (1991 and 1993), which are still considered fundamental for the beginning of the entire movement, Saint Etienne, the latest stone roses, Spacehog, the charlatans in the middle, Headswim, Jesus Jones and some other unknown meteorites that you will certainly find nearby in your home discography.

Eight years passed, as did three successful albums and singles ("Stay Out For The Summer", "If You're Thinking Of Me " and of course "Good Enough") before a 2001 active bracket splitting (the dispensable "Real Estate" comes out), but with a line-up that was almost completely revolutionized. We reach Priest to talk about the official return of the group ( two albums from the Revamp in 2012 and the last one " What Are We Struggling For " released in 2016), but above all to remember the good times that are still very much alive in memory of Priest and his companions.

There were a lot of good bands, but we didn't feel like we were part of a real scene like the San Francisco punks. As Priest explains, it was the relationship with the British press that seemed only interested in throwing gasoline at the disputes from a distance (and sometimes even near) between Blur and Oasis.

After all, we were never a really great group for the press.... we were much more "carefree". Was Britpop really a counterpoint to the US dominance of Seattle? In 2010 Richard Ashcroft returned between some highs (the first solo and the return of Verve) and some lows (the following solo works) with the horrendous and unspeakable project United Nations Of Sound, so that after a long silence in 2016 he is here at the dispensable 'These People' followed by 'Natural Rebel' (2018, we keep our fingers crossed).

While Tim Burgess came back in 2012 with a second album in his name full of guests, followed by the collaboration with Peter Gordon and the new "As I Was Now", the formerly glorious Mancona based group is now traveling through the inevitable decline with their lights off. The Supergrass in 2010 have reached the end of the series (discreet but dispensable the adventures of the soloists and not of the various Danny Goffey, Gaz Coombes and Mick Quinn), as well as the "incurable" haven that finds new glory with the celebrations of the various recurrences after the family split and the continuing (false) voices of reunification.

The new Kula Shaker record "K 2. 0" was really inconsistent like its predecessor in 2010. They were overrated and only held one, the first, great job. The Ash are the ugly copy of the strong line-up that recorded at least two to three albums between 1994 and 1998. "Still (apparently) (2015) the new 'islands', the excellent debut of Tim Wheeler's 'Lost Domain' (2014) is worth mentioning.

The Bluetones welcomed themselves in 2011 after the sixth work "A New Athens", which added nothing more to the golden season of "Slight Return" to surprise the reunification in 2015 without much emphasis. In 2009 the "special" re-union (later repeated in 2013) also for the London My Life Story - as always with orchestrated and richly cast parts - which performed the entire 1994 debut album live.

Menswear has been back on the road since August 2013 and released the single'Crash'14' the following year before it disbanded again in 2015, Marion tried without luck, also because it is now the only Jaime Harding still struggling with legal problems and drug addiction, while drummer Jack Mitchell joined Johnny Marr's group, which coincidentally produced'The Program' in 1998 (an record) that was to be absolutely dusted off.

Northern Uproar (those from 'From A Window') were also recycled, with three albums from 2007, 2013 and 2015 to fly over. Above are the hearts of the Black Grape (great with their first work), a project by Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays) that was officially "opened" in 2010, which celebrated its 20th anniversary with a concert in 2015 and the following year created the song "We are England" in support of the English national team for Europeans.

Hopeless hopes for the fans of Justine Frischmann's Elastica, one of the quasi-nodal figures of the respective epoch (founder tribe of Suede, love stream of Anderson and later of Albarn...), which are celebrated however (only) with the new edition of the first of the same named albums. The brave and never too angry Spaces debuted in record stores in 1996 (when the games are almost finished), but the first jobs are worth a stop backwards.

Reformed in 2011 with an albums in 2014 and 'Give Me Your Future' in 2017. A welcome return (2015) was that of Super Furry Animals, who first celebrated 15 years of "Mwng" and then returned the following year with the new single "Bing Bong" (2016 the compilation "Zoom! The Best of 1995-2016").

After the tears of the tears Brett Anderson dedicated himself to the Solooper, except for the reform in a "special edition" and only later in a stable edition of the unforgettable Suede, which was celebrated with a contemporary "Best Of", followed by the new record "Bloodsports", which brought her back into the public's favor (also thanks to "Night Thoughts" in 2016 and hopefully the upcoming "The Blue Hour").

ECHOBEELLLY were transferred to Calm Of Zero before returning in 2015 and putting the album'Anarchy and Alchemy' on the agendas, which was released in 2017. Gomez remain the great, underrated, misunderstood group that we've all known for over a decade and remember Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell with their solo releases.

Luke Haines (The Auteurs) will be speaking in the same way as Neil Hannon. From a great group such as Longpigs (to which the former drummer of Cabaret Voltaire belonged) has developed the beautiful vein of writer Richard Hawley, who continues to release great albums for five stars. Latest release in 2010 ("Ex-Maniac"), on which Johnny Depp also performs, always a declared supporter of the group, followed by "The Pleasures of Self Destruction".

At the top of this list, only the blurs shine with their own light. Thanks to a musical, qualitative and "physical" integrity that is second to none, Damon Albarn and his teammates have confirmed themselves as one of the greatest Britpop bands of all time. The soul and the style", "Acid is the night", "Alan McGee and the history of creation records", "From the head: the adventures of the oasis".

Then who better than Paul to give us a testimony about the Britpop movement? I don't agree that Britpop officially ended with the release of 'Be Here Now' by Oasis... Going back to those years, I have to say that there really was an artistic struggle between Blur and Oasis, especially because the struggle started in the social class.

Blur's art school against Oasis' working class. But it would be stupid to think that the movement is reduced to only these two bands. The adventure Achobelly lasted a dozen years (without the recent reunification). They also have a very special Morrissey supporter who will praise them on more than one occasion.

However, the echo belly is not just a meteor spotted by chance in the sky of Britpop. After a four-year break, they returned until 2004, when two more records were sent to the archive. The tempo of'Insomniac','Great Things' and'King Of The Kerb' sonso puretroppo iontanissimi (ci ice Johansson: "I'm happy with the songs on the records but not with their releases.

It' s been proven that the British group was one of the first to be called Britpop, so let's go and hear what Glenn remembers from those years... "It was extraordinarily exciting for me to be part of a group. We were a little in the middle, but we certainly did everything (musically) to be called Britpop.

He lingers on the personal backgrounds and that of the group, which are often compared to Blondie, Smiths and singer company. "I think that the late 70's post-punk and the first half of the 80's guitars had a big influence on me/us. I once met a man from his group and he confided to me that Morrissey would play our songs during the break during the recording of 'Vauxhall And I'!

Britpop, the stepa and la soloita, Blur Vs Oasis. That' how it goes, but the press has definitely destroyed what was done with Britpop. I once talked to Liam and Noel and Graham Coxon of Blur about this issue, and they were all disgusted by the situation.

The 50-year-old English artist who associates his name with the great adventure of the Auteurs (and later in the underrated Black Box Recorder). A soloist for years ("I Sometimes Dream of Glue" the last title), he immediately wants to avoid any possible voice of a reunification of his two lifelines: "The Auteurs, like BBR, will never reform.

I was also offered money to pick up on the bands' situations, but maybe I only play Auteurs' pieces during my concerts. No 2013 Haines haines ha anache pubblicato il libro Bad Vibes: Britpop and My Part in its Downfall... "Of course it's questionable whether Britpop really did exist at that point, outside the schemata of the musical and multimedia world.

It doesn't really make any difference, because now they have a Britpop remembrance, so it exists". "In the beginning there was suede and the auteurs, that's all. Britpop', or rather Oasis and Blur, could only happen to such an extend (at least commercially) after the deaths of Kurt Cobain.

The very clear concept of the Timeline Haines is reserved for Britpop. From the project Baader Meinhof from 1996 ("I think the record has held up well over time, especially because it was out of time at the time of recording") to the three records from Black Box Recorder ("three albums were enough, we were always happy, we had a hits record and we also came to Top Of The Pops!") to their productive solo vein ("21st Century Man/Achtung Mutha honestly I think it's my best solo album...").

Finally, I would like to point out that they will NOT, CANNOT, NEVER be Britpop some artists who are "smart" in some rankings who want to close an era through the 20, 30, 40, 50 records of Britpop. There is Radiohead (when we talk about'The Bends' it remains an alternate album), James (born a decade ago), Back in Denim (glam-pop anything but....), Placebo (never was Britpop), Edwyn Collins (but please!), Teenage Fanclub (not even for nothing), Lush (eye for life), Morrissey (?), Cornershop (who?), The La's (born 1983....).

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