Best British Punk Bands

Best British Punk Bands

PunkMusica Glam RockRock N RollRagazzi. Best Before, Crass Records. It'?s British Oi and Street Punk Rock'n'Roll. Unbeatable single CD with the Scottish Kilmarnock F.

C. hymn of the British punk band Chosen. Very good Punk New Wave.


The nominees become the best British newcomer ai Kerrang! As Best New Volume at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award the Southampton based Creeper won a large number of fans in Italy. Founded in 2014, the group now consists of singer Will Gould, Ian Miles and Oliver Burdett (who replaced Sina Nemati in 2015) on guitar, Sean Scott on bass, Dan Bratton on skins and Hannah Greenwood on keyboard.

In Your Arms", will be released on 24 March 2017 and was expected from the single "Suzanne". We met Will Gould before the creepers lived at Magazzini Generali, where already in the early afternoon a long row of young fans defied the cold to be in the front row.

Let's try to get to know you better through your musical influences: Which bands and which genres have influenced you the most? Our influences are very diverse, in the beginning we were mainly influenced by hard-core punk music, bands like Kid Dynamite and Lifetime for example, over time I started to appreciate the records produced by Phil Spector, the way they were produced, and there we got some ideas for our production.

When we were growing up, we also tried to combine a more theatrical style for our shows and music, inspired by the work of Meat Loaf, Jim Steinman and albums like "Back For Good". We like to think about how Freddie Mercury would play a hard-core punk song. One of our videos ("The Honeymoon Suite" from the EP "The Calllous Heart" n.d.r.) shows a scene in which a car drives over a sign with the words "Welcome to Southampton" and on the back "Beware The Calllous Heart" is written.

This sign is a reproduction of the one actually present in Southampton and refers to a scene from "The Loss Boys", in which the protagonists go over a sign with the words "Welcome to Santa Carla" and on the back "Murder Capital of the World". Let's talk about the new single "Suzanne", I was impressed by the quote from "American Pie", you want to explain why you decided to mention this song?

When I was a child, this song was played at all weddings, reminds me of a certain time in my life, reminds me of my parents. It' like a kind of old-fashioned rocking soundtrack that goes well with the rest of the album. Our producer once told us that at the beginning we were a punkrock band flirting with the idea of skirt and roller, and now we're more of a skirt and roller group flirting with the idea of being a punk group.

If you talk about this text, there is also a reference to the music on the radio: "All these tapes never gave me the feeling". "None of these tapes have ever made me think " is a direct reference to Creeper, because Creepers are born as a reaction to the music you hear on the air.

Especially in England many bands who are poor in ideas and artistic integrity go through the air and only think about writing songs for the music. As creepers, we've always wanted to do the opposite, take care of every single piece of the jigsaw, every detail of what makes an record or song.

For example, in all our EPs there is a song with the word "Black" in the title: "Into The Black", "Black Cloud", "Black Mass" and "Black Rain". Only those who really know the bands can notice such things. What can you tell us about the new record? Do you think "Suzanne" is a representative song to understand what awaits us?

There is punk rock on the record, but there is also a song that is completely different from the rest of the record where Hannah sings, there is a Ballade that is played on the keyboard. I like the style of the Fleetwood Mac albums where there were very different songs. We try to do something similar with punk rock: Some songs are very harsh & noisy and others are much softer.

Crawlers are used to arousing the curiosity of fans and audiences through the use of socially relevant content, such as when they were posted with the words "missing" after participating in the festivals of Leeds and Reading's on-line posters of individual members of the group. In the last few weeks the group has released a series of references in their community network, all relating to the album's creativity, before unveiling the song "Suzanne" as their first single.

I find it frustrating how many bands use softwares, with a kind of "oversharing" that destroys the magic of music. I think there's something important that needs to be protected: I don't want to see what my favorite group eats at dinner, I don't care.

When I was a kid, the bands were magical, you couldn't believe you were in the same room with them, there was something exciting. We see rock stars die, and I think it' socially acceptable to kill them. Part of what we do as creepers is inspired by Disney World and the world of wrestling when we were kids: the magic of disguise, the ability to make everything look amazing.

We' re doing our best to bring some magic back into the music.

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