Best American Punk Bands

The Best American Punk Bands

Punk Rock Bands - Punk Rock Musicians - Punk Rock Albums - Punk Rock EP - Single Punk Rock Albums - Punk Rock Video Albums. P/A "Streets of America" compilation by American Oi! The World' s Best American Band video. It is enough to say that they were one of the best American punk bands (of a decade). And if you're even partially into punk (if there is such a thing), you must own this.

"<The World's Best American Band" (Polyvinyl, 2017)

Their second album is a feverish concentration of energy, powerful ripples and melodies, destined to get into your head and never go out again. Compared to his debut, the band's sounds hybridize even more and have fun playing with multiple components, all united by a crackling power-pop embrace, for a kind of less obvious theatrical version of Orwells.

Listen to songs like "or" in the nursery rhyme of "in" stars and stripes, score points without too many bumps or subtleties, demonstrate their value in just over half an hour, with fast and precise pieces, each with a wise mixture of ingredients, as well as the manifestation of theatre and good writing.

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Down By Law is back, a historic line-up that has always been part of the melodic punk/rock scene, which in a way is closer to rock'n'roll than it is to hard-core. Ours announce their return to the scene with this wonderful 'The Best Of' which features great tracks like 'All American', 'Flower Tattoo', 'Independence Day' and 'Superman' as well as an unreleased title 'In A Big Country' and some videos ('Radio Ragga' and 'Hit Or Miss').

One thing is for sure: The tracks contained here won't disappoint the enthusiastic fans, for the simple reason that they voted for them themselves via the band's official website. We are dealing with a good punkrocker, as we said at the beginning, with a strong character, determined and fast like a splinter.

From any paranoid point of view, Down By Law makes life a little easier and even allows us the luxury of walking, shouting and singing through the city at full speed with the walker, consciously dying as psychopaths! Rebellion, energy, sweat and brain are functional elements that distinguish Down By Law's motor from all others: a bond designed to remain a point of reference for the coming punkeration.

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