Best 80s Punk Bands

The Best 80s Punk Bands

Punk mohawk e Punk rock fashion. The Peggio Punx was one of the biggest Italian hardcore punk bands of the 80s. and three punk bands, all from Southern California, with 5 songs a piece. The sound quality is not the best, but all the songs are beautiful. Meaning of Punkrock in the English dictionary with application examples.

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Recognition for social commitment

Who could better represent a group that is socially committed and above all against the discrimination of Los Fastidios... not only in Italy but also in Europe, is today one of the fundamental bands of the European street punk scene. The Los Fastidios have supported many anti-racist initiatives and social concerns in recent years and participated in various charity concerts with fundraisers for Chiapas, for the port of Liverpool, for new self-governing antagonistic realities, against racism, for animal purposes and many others.

Los Fastidios, born at the end of 1991 in Verona, led by Enrico (a well-known character of the national road scene and creator of the independent label KOB RECORDS), are imposed on the European road scene with the first single "Birra, Oi! and divertimento" after a demo tape released in 1992. "Birra, Oi! and divertimento" is sold out in a few months and is widely recognized both in Italy and abroad.

After the release of the second single "Banane et scarponi" in October 1995 the vice-queens Sebi and Mendez, already guitar and bass of the punkrockband Derozer, joined the group. They will continue the great rise in the Italian and foreign street punk scene thanks to the first record "Hasta la Baldoria" in 1996 (shared with the Parma FFD band), the single "Oi! Giò" in 1997 and above all thanks to the many concerts all over Italy and Europe.

In September 1998 the second record "We're counting on you" is released, which is not only produced by KOB Records, but also by the German label Mad Butcher Records and the Polish label Rock'n'Roller. In 2000, in January and April respectively, two new singles were released: "Radio Boots" and "Fetter Skinhead", the latter shared with the German rock act Stage Bottle, whose saxophonist Olaf is also a Los Fastidios featured track winner, and on the European tours 2000 he was a regular visitor on the band's stages.

In 2001, the CD "1991-2001 Ten years tuttooed on my heart" was released as a tribute to the ten years of activity of the Los Fastidios singles collecting all their singles, as well as songs released only on compilation and two lives. Almost at the same time there is a new big line-up with the inclusion into the group of faces already known to the European streetscene as members of the bands Padua Oversight & Inerdzia: Henry then joins Paolino (guitar & voice), Philip (guitar & voice), Elena (bass & voice) and Giacomo "La Zia" (drums & voice).

With this line-up Los Fastidios "debuted" on 13 October 2001 in the Usine in Geneva in front of more than 2000 supporters, then followed a series of dates in Germany, the recording of the third record in the Westwood Recording Studio in Paderborn (D). Guardo Avanti" is officially released on 20 December 2001, again produced by KOB Records in collaboration with German Maj Bycher Records and Polish Jimmy Jazz Records (the latter print the record).

2002 was a fundamental year for the group, as, in addition to a major Italian and European concert series ( 100 dates a year), the group recorded the first official video clip of the track "Rabbia dentro al cuore" and followed Animal Liberation's rotation on various television stations. Several times the group is invited to watch Rock TV (Database, Rehearsal Room and Rock Tv Night).

In 2003 there was a new change in the line-up, because at the beginning of March two new musicians took the place of Filippo and Elena: Dunni (former guitarist of Monkey Punx from Verona) and Avise (former bassist of Panic Rootts from Rovigo). May 2003: Release of the single "Ora Basta" (KOB Records & Mad Butcher Records) with 4 new tracks, including the covers "Partisans" by the French Brigada Flores Magon, a Parisian group with whom Los Fastidios have shared the stage several times in Italy and Europe.

August 2003: The documentary movie "Skinhead Attitude" by the Swiss director Daniel Schweizer is presented at the Locarno Filmfestival and is a documentary about the international anti-racist skinhead scene, in which Los Fastidios also appear with interviews and lived pictures (from Krakow and Geneva), alongside Laurel Aitken, Buster von Bad Manners, Jimmy Pursey von Sham 69, Roddy Moreno von Oppressed etc.

A soundtrack follows the movie, which will be released on CD by the German Diggle Records record company. I have Los Fastidios companiono con due brand in this collection. September 2003: The group participates in the Independent Day Festival in Bologna on September 7th 2003, on stage with bands like Rancid, Lagwagon, Cramps, Caddies Made, Mars Volta, Nashville Pussy and many others.

It is printed in Argentina by Amp Records of Buenos Aires and distributed in South America, a best-of-CD collection of the group " La verdadera fürza de la callle ", which contains 4 tracks for each of the group's albums, 2 tracks from the single "Ora Basta" + 4 livesongs.

The same Best of is printed in Poland by Jimmy Jazz Records and distributed in all countries of the East, compared to the Argentinian edition only the title "Prawdziwa Sily Ulicy" changes. November 2003: The French Skarface and other Italian KOB bands join the Kontro Ogni Barriera Festival, a concert to celebrate the five years of activity of the independent KOB Records record company.

December 2003: The group completes some dates in Germany and takes part in the Punk & Disorderly Festival in Berlin, where they share the stage with the historic Last Resort and Discharge. Los Fastidios have made important trips in recent years not only in Italy, but also in Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Canada, Ireland, Ulster, which have been widely accepted everywhere.

Buzzcocks, Vibrateurs, Vibrateurs, Subhumains, Dr Ring Ding, Zona A, Harries, Bouteilles de scène, 8°6 Team, Ex Cathedra, Oxymoron, Ligue Antinowhere, Skarface, Lurkers, Splodgeness Abound, Buzzcocks, Ska-P, etc. Partitecipando annche partecipando internationalanti festivals internationaux sont au nombre des meilleurs du moment. The Los Fastidios is a powerful and melodic street punk, which is one of the most classic sounds of the 80's. Punk-oi! Anglo-Saxon infrared dances, all sung in Italian.

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