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Experience the magic of rock myths in a great live show! Fantastic rock stars hang out together. Soprano The music opera Rock/Metal sinfonisch/celtic/medioeval. Psychedelic/progressive Greek rock band with the great talents of Vangelis and Demis Roussos. Rock Music History tours in London:

¬°Awesome waves! Vicenza Music and Art, 27.10.2018

On Saturday 27 October, a wonderful surge of music and art will overwhelm the beautiful setting of Villa Piovene Pigatti! In collaboration with From Disco to Disco, Awesome will see some up-and-coming bands from Vicenza and Padua as well as two DJs on stage. The event will focus on the INdependence Time releases celebrate, the first ever LP of the alternate rock group " The Lizard's Invasion ".

Awesome Wave is not just music: thanks to Liberi Pensatori's artistic installation, art will also have its own space.

Alternative Rock Band Rock, BluesTop Band Bellinzona

Amélie: singer and animator. Professional with over 15 years of professionalism in 5-star hotel, cruising, corporate event, wedding and partying. Looking for a great rock'n'roll show? This is an unbelievable mixture of old-fashioned rock'n'roll, classic old -fashioned musical instrumentation and sounds, paired with old-fashioned clothes! We are a 50' / 60' Rock'n Rock Pop & Rollabilly group, b. 2015 in Bellinzona (Switzerland).

Over 200 gigs and more will follow! Playing with ardour, we have more than 15 years of lived playing time. Mainly we are playing our own tunes with some newly arranged coversongs....... It is a great choice for aperitifs, dinner, exhibitions, music, tasting, etc. We' re also classic artists, so it's also great for the ceremonies.

Our goal is to entertain everyone with our 360' music, for every age, from the 70-80-90-2000 year old disc to the moment's hit, rock and Latin music! Principal singer or with band (duo, trio, quartet). The music for every kind of occasion. The singer Rossella appears as a single artist or with a band.

Select the song for your wedding celebration. - Red + Half Play (up to 4 songs) - Red + Guitarist (up to 4 songs) Apero / Dinner. It'?s lovely backing music. AnnaPurna, a Ticino based group, is a 90's bomb and creates in one moment a pure vibrating Stonern kit, sometimes bluesy and psychedelic, a great tone with a quality and musical energy that is not indifferent.

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