Australian Punk Rock Bands List

Punk Rock Bands Australian List

Imagine old idea su Music, Music posters e Rock bands. Garage Rock Bands, Pub Rock (UK), Pub Rock (Australia). Great Britain, Canada and Australia. Rippers, Ar-Kaics and the album of Australian Gee Tee and then Skull Cult, Erik Nervous / Neo Neos. The Odio (Italian for "hate") is a Japanese influenced, loud hardcore/punk/d-beat/crust band based in Oakland, California.

With NADEAH/ The punk rock model comes from Australia. The Roma concert

A young and charming girl who dances to the rhythm of the music on the counter and triggers the delirium of the audience. It'?s a rock concert. At the same club, just a few metres from the bar's fluorescent lights, there is a stage with a group composed exclusively by men, without the leading singer whose instruments are thrown at a wild end of the song.

We' re in the middle of Nadéah's concert at the Circolo degli Artisti in Rome. For the final act of an execution, the young Australian took the trouble to leave the stage, climb over the barrier that separates her from the audience, improvise a few steps, dance with the audience and finish her performance at the above mentioned counter.

Nadéah's deeds are a beautiful sight without falling into the vulgar. The impression is that Nadéah has benefited from seeing his compatriots Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, for whom he has opened several shows in the past, up close to develop and build his original live presence. Their wildest and most rebellious colleagues range instead from a repertoire ranging from the "classical" destruction of instruments to the "virile" live performance of pogos on stages to "risky" stagesiving () (especially for up-and-coming bands it is advisable to carefully assess the reliability and intentions of the fans under the stage).

We can say for sure that Nadéah is a step forward for the Rock. Born in Melbourne, Nadéah Miranda is the son of an Italian father and a mother of Indian, Portuguese, English and Serbian origin. She founded a cult indie punk rock group in England, LoveGods, which enabled her to fulfil her dream of participating in Glastonbury calibre festivals in the UK and playing as a support for international stars.

In Paris Marc Collin was involved in the project Nouvelle Vague and the young Australian worked on the third record of the French collective. On stage Nadéah shows that he knows how to do it and interprets the songs with a theatrical stage presence. It is supported by a sophisticated orchestration under the direction of Nicola Tescari, in which the refined backdrops are characterized by intimate and essential atmospheres, although sometimes a punk style prevails that pulls everything away.

The use of pianos and contrabasses lends a classical elegance, while the use of drums and electric guitars marks most rock times. Simple, but unpredictable, seemingly aware that she can use her charm to win the audience's favour, the Australian blonde alternates the electric guitar with performances at the keyboard from the classical.

The evening's setlist contains almost all tracks of the new record, in which the lively "Whateover lover say" and the painful and loud "Hurricane Katrina" stand out. Nadéah presents the reflective and melancholic "Suddenly Afternoon" with extreme precision: "I wrote it four years ago at two o'clock in the afternoon in Rome in Via dei Gracchi, 58".

The rhythmic "Odile", reminiscent of the atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge, is the most clicked on YouTube (today the main indicator for record companies and organizers to judge the goodness of an artist) and despite the version on record, the show is characterized by the last punk rock that is drawn and explosive.

The encores also include the only covers of the evening, "Get off" by Prince, which Nadéah calls "Good Guy". At the last greetings to the merchandise banquet, a young man lovingly addresses the singer: "What a Nadéah, you are Na Dea"!

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