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Love and thanks for the best service in Chester, you beautiful #Artifolk. Artifolk is a review of Sardinian craftsmanship that has been taking place in Pula for several years thanks to the commitment of the Pro Loco Tourist Board. Vedi info su Artifolk. The Artifolk, curated by Pro Loco, is responsible for the promotion of traditions and customs of local folklore. Among the events: the Artifolk with an exhibition of handicrafts of Sardinian culture, in August.

Artifolk, the most anticipated tourist exhibition, will return tomorrow.

The food, crafts and traditions of the island: Artifolk returns tomorrow, the cultural event organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment and La Perlo, now in its 22nd edition. For two days, the undisputed protagonist of the evenings in Pula will be folklore, which will show the many tourists in the area a fascinating cross-section of Sardinian culture.

At 7 p.m. the Food and Crafts Exhibition will be held in Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza del Comune, while at 9.15 p.m. a parade of masks, ethnic groups and charms will take place, accompanied by the sound of launchdas, which will enliven the centre of the country. Sunday at 19.00, reopening of the stands for typical products, and at 22.00 closing in Piazza del Popolo with a concert by Emanuele Garau.

Pro Loco President Paolo Trudu reveals the secret of the Folklore Festival, which has become an indispensable tourist attraction. Seeing typical products, handicrafts, costumes and masks from the island's tradition in one fell swoop does not happen every day," he explains, "which is why holidaymakers are so enthusiastic about this play of colours.

Every year hundreds of tourists follow the Artifolk with curiosity".

Artifolk, is out of stock.

Artifolk, the exhibition about traditional music, handicrafts and Sardinian culture, organized by Pro Loco and the city of Loco Pala. Thousands of people came to the coastal centre to participate in the parade of the Mamutons and Book and Merdula, who created a unique atmosphere with their conciliatory dances. Sardinian costumes from different countries, beautiful women who stood out in their colourful clothes and gave the public typical products that were fascinated were also used to wander through the streets of the party city.

The square is animated by street artists who have enchanted children, a country in motion full of initiatives and attractions, and thanks to the Mayor Medau, the Town Councillor for Tourism and Entertainment Ombretta Pirisino and the whole administration of Pula become a real tourist town, where nightlife moves from the centre to the coast with attractions of great depth.

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