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The Americana Song

Comra The Americana Song Reader. The only song I like is "Scout", although it is very short (which is true for most tracks on this album). Read Michael Webb's complete American lyrics from the World Wide Webb album. To play this song, click here! Here's the ABC song, played and sung by the masters!

Intimate songs in pure American style on Ryan Bingham's latest record.

The CD I have in my hands comes from the United States; it's "American love song", the last recording of the singer-songwriter from New Mexico Ryan Bingham, who is also known in Italy for the Oscar for the song "The Weary Kind", composed with T-Bone Burnett and included in the soundtrack of the movie Crazy Heart in 2009.

The album, fifteen tracks for a total of about an hour of musical listening, is the sixth in the Bingham discography, was recorded in Texas and produced by Bingham himself together with Charlie Sexton, a guitarist who is known to have been "at the court of King Dylan" for about ten years (from 1992 to 2002).

A record that can be captivating, sweet, hard, gripping, depending on the moment, presents itself as a typical product of the US music tradition, with violins, guitar and so on. "America Loves Song also contains all the elements and hardships of hard and fast music. About the album Bingham, who says that he is very satisfied with the musical collaboration with Sexton, he agrees that it is a cathartic work and that in the end it was quite an emotional experience for him.

For those who would like to read the full interview with Ryan Bingham: Ryan Bingham's record is often played because of its freshness; songs like "Wolves", "Jingle and Go", "Beautiful and Kind", "Nothin' Hold Me Down" are certainly appreciated by all lovers of "American" in our state.

"American celebrities sing to support Hillary."

What has been the anthem of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign so far, the song "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten, has become a tape produced by Elizabeth Banks, Bruce Cohen and Mike Thompkins, which was presented at the Philadelphia Convention and will accompany the candidate until the vote in November. The song was reinterpreted by about thirty artists, young and old, from all races of all, just to give an idea of the diversity that inspired the Clinton to beat Donald Trump.

The faces of the interpreters are, after all, an American flag. Tyler, Alan Cumming, America Ferrera, Ben Platt, Billy Porter, Chrissie Fit, Connie Britton, Elizabeth Banks, Ellen Greene, Esther Dean, Eva Longoria, Garrett Clayton, Hana Mae Lee, Ian Somerholder, Idina Menzel, Jaime King, Jane Fonda, Jesse Tyler Ferguson,

Julie Bowen, Kathy Najimy, Kelly Jackle, Kristin Chenoweth, Mandy Moore, Mary McCormack, Mary-Louise Parker, Mike Thompkins, Nikki Read, Rachel Platten, Renee Fleming, Rob Reiner, Shelley Regner, Sia, Right Knight. Presented by actress Elizabeth Bank, the tape was shown at the Democratic Congress in Philadelphia and then published by Bank herself on her Facebook page.

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