American Roots Music

The American Roots Music

The traditions from Appalachia to Zydeco, an overwhelming chronicle of the development of unique American musical styles rooted in attitude and optimism. LESLIE DOMINICK & PHOEBE HUNT Bluegrass & American Roots Music Guests: The MN Waldorf School North American Roots Music Festival is a music festival in St. Paul, USA. Of Nowhere", new single by the American roots band - OUT NOW. Américan roots music: from the Appalachian Mountains to Piedmont.

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"American Roots Music" is part of a project that also includes the release of a DVD/video tape format and a book. Just like the videos, this box set is divided into four parts that take you on a journey to the roots of American music. From Bruce Springsteen's "Blue Collar" to Steve Earle's "American", American style, especially singer-songwriter-rock is clearly inspired by what you hear on these four CDs.

The entire musical production "made in the U.S." does not ignore the teachings of the masters of countries, music, bass or even music. The characters that have built the centennial history of American music are presented here in chronological order, highlighting the steps from the acoustic or rural sound of the early days to the electric versions of our time, not the development of sounds, styles, reproduction quality, or the development of impurities.

The third CD is split between two parts: Gipsy and Folska. It begins with the elaborate and classical version between opera and a cappella of the famous "Joshua fits the battle" by Fisk Jubilee Singers, followed by a calm and dragged "Precious Lord take my hand" in the version for solo voice, choir, keyboard and organ by Thomas A. Dorsey.

Nervous and "cool" is the Golden Gate Quartet's vision of music in " Blind Barnabus", while sister Rosetta Tharpe's style can be seen in the classic "Down by the riverside" (complete with electric guitar). After the great Mahalia Jackon and the Staple Singers it ends with the most famous Gospelsong of the world: "Oh glad day" in the well-known version by Edwin Hawkins Singers.

"American Roots Music" is therefore a rather representative collection of the roots of American Rock, accompanied by an extensive coverlet with a historical summary, several photos and a written commentary on each song. A useful tool to better understand where American skirt comes from.

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