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Find the perfect stock photo of the American punk rock band. Mail su Why do American punk rock guys always go out with American new wave hooker girls? scritti da Giuliano D'Amico. The second and last stage of our journey in the thousand deviations of hardcore punk USA. After Broadway and London "Green Day's American Idiot" arrives in Italy under the direction of Marco Iacomelli.

Read the full translation of the punk rock song from Bad Religion's album The Gray Race.

Punkrock from the Ticino

SmileUp! is a punk rock group formed last September thanks to an announcement on a website with musicians by guitarist Gabriele Regazzoni. SmileUp starts to offer covers of American pop-punk groups, but also to produce original songs. They tell us about their first impressions in the world of music.

What does a freshly formed group from the founding days of the Ticino music scene think about this? In the various concerts, starting with the Palco Ai Giovani, we had the opportunity to meet some good artists. In Ticino we have only given four concerts so far and we had a very good time with the locations, in all four dates we showed professionalism.

Concerts, albums, videos... what do you think is more important for an aspiring group? Certainly the recording of an albums is the best, but for bands like us, not even a year old, I would say that the concerts are very important to be known. Furthermore, the recording of an LP requires from our point of view that a good volume is "solid", i.e. with a lot of experience.

Listen to the single and stay up to date about the SmileUp! concerts by visiting her profile .

Finally in Italy 'American Idiot', the punk rock opera of Green Day.

After Broadway and London, the explosive rock operatic Green Day's American Idiot finally comes to Italy in 2017, the Billie Joe Armstrong show, with music by Green Day, an American punk rock group. A little history... Green Day's American idiot is mainly inspired by Who's epic rock operas Tommy and Hüsker Dü's Zen Arcade, and in 2010 he won two Tony Awards and the Grammy Award for Best Show Album.

It is a rat on the eponymous conceptual record and the band's first rock operatic, the platinum record from 2004, which has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide to date and has been highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. As Billie Joe Armstrong says, since the day of its world premiere, this is not only an opportunity to tell about his life and that of his two friends/colleagues Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, but also a new means of expression to propose a critical reading of society.

In September 2009, Green Day's American idiot, directed by Michael Mayer (who also wrote the front man Billie Joe Armstrong's song libretto) - with whom he also won the Drama Desk Award - made his debut at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Green Day's hometown, and after six months, became a successful Broadway show at the St. James Theatre, a true celebration of the American audience.

The protagonists of the story are the three childhood friends Johnny, Will and Tunny, who, after the events of September 11th, are all looking for a meaning for their lives and a place in the world in a media-influenced, intoxicated and hopeless society: love and rebellion according to the most famous tradition of the American punk rock group.

The three friends move in a world without values and certainties, driven by the electrifying rhythm of the Green Days until their paths divide: Mommy is the American idiot? The topics covered are timeless and meaningless, topical and contemporary, with roots in the personal biographies of the members of the Green Days, in the confrontation of American society after September 11 and the Bush administration yesterday and the threat of trump cards today.

One of the main themes of the show is indeed the attack on the "American idiot," Billie Joe Armstrong criticizes the "paranoid American lifestyle in which everything goes through the press that conveys what people are supposed to believe," and the real American idiot who "is out there sitting on the couch absorbing what the press is offering.

One of the controversial goals of the Green Days is precisely the former president of the United States, George W. Bush, who is called "the American idiot" par excellence and accused of having caused a senseless war that is being waged in Iraq, with a controversy also over the policies of many other presidents. Johnny Ivan Iannacci is the bored and alienated Johnny, the "Jesus of the suburbs", mirror of the guide of the Green Days, Renato Crudo plays his friend of Tunny, the dreamer and patriot, and Luca Gaudiano is Will, caught in the responsibility of life, while Mario Ortiz is St. Jimmy, Johnny's fascinating and dangerous alter egos.

Choreography and musicMichael Peña, associated choreographer in 2014 at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, after the Italian cat production, measures himself against the pulsating and overwhelming energy of Green Day's punk rock music. An exciting journey through the thirteen songs of the American idiot album, with some tracks from 21 Century Breakdown (2009) and an unreleased love song called "When It's Time".

Among the songs we find the most famous hits of the group, like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, 21 Guns - already video clips with the line-up and the Italian version bands, Woke Me Up When September Ends, Holiday and of course the title American Idiot, tracks from the platinum album of the Green Day winner of the Grammy Award 2004, as well as Good Riddance, better known as Time of Your life.

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