American Punk Bands 1970s

Punk American Bands 1970s

Joe Satriani, Steve Albini are Italian Americans. Rock Punk, Iggy Pop, Fan Art, Rock And Roll, Rocce, Jazz, Fumetti, Mezzo, Scuola. It' s amazing what this artist does with the American currency. This band was a pioneer in the early American new wave and punk scenes of the..

. An American punk band from San Francisco, California.

Punk skirt Indianamusicmag

A year ago, when I came across Shilpa Ray's last year's Wilden (click here to learn more), I hoped in my heart that the artist would take place in Italy so that I could exchange a few words with a person who was so tortured, fascinating and elusive. Last month, with the Italian dates of the artist created by Nick Cave, the opportunity had come and I had arranged an interview with his team.

Or rather, we should have dedicated an interview, a photo shoot and the cover of Indiana Music Mag to Shilpa Ray. On the agreed day, armed with cameras, our Matteo Ceschi had a private event in Milan for a few hours, before he was able to take pictures laboriously and unfortunately return home without an interview.

In any case (I leave the history of the clandestine faction to him), I, the initiator of the initiative, had no choice but to make new agreements with Shilpa's management: a few written questions, and you will receive an answer. Well, I won't summarize the various vicissitudes, but I didn't get any answers, I also started to think that the interview with Madonna (or LA Madonna) could be easier, and I wandered around a piece to write about the whole story, but one day this message appears on the Shilpa profile social: Fantastic, I had a non-answer to my non-interview, also to the only question to which Shilpa Ray decided not to answer (the others, which are of a musical nature, are still in that).

Yes, I did: I asked Shilpa Ray (who was born in New Jersey as the son of Indian immigrants) to comment on the refugee crisis and the more or less metaphorical erection of barriers, physical and mental walls (from what?). Exactly. And if you don't ask him, he's offended, because let's be honest, he's wrong about a Shilpa Ray anyway... I don't know and those are the questions I'm asking myself here with you.

In short, I cannot say whether my question was a question or not, but I live here, in the Europe of the refugee crisis, of the States which close their borders, or even of Firemare which gains in Berlin and what I do not live directly, I read it and I hear of an America in which a certain gentleman speaks of a wall on the border with Mexico (to pay of the Mexicans!).

And so yes, given that, I thought that someone like Shilpa Ray might have a special sensibility for saying something interesting, because of their personal experience, or because of their artistic choices, or simply because that's what artists usually have to say something interesting.

And here I have certainly made a mistake, because like many other artists Shilpa lives in HIS world, a reality with strong persecution-induced colors from which he does not want to emerge. The author of a strange mixture of blue, soul and punk, Shilpa Ray has turned out to be one of the most interesting proposals of recent times, a dirty rock inhabited by obsession for sex, betrayal, death, blood and material elements and bodies of all kinds, with provocative titles and humor, mocking, dark and decadent, music that knows how to win when he holds the first beat.

Immersed in this reality, when she writes deviant lyrics or when she makes the stage shine with the Indian harmonium, Shilpa Ray, like every true artist, is always right, and she has a lot to say. Here, in contrast to the world of Shilpa, everything is much more nuanced, and it is impossible to say who is right.

So, Shilpa, I'm not saying that you should thank me for the questions I ask you or for the space I dedicate to you, but you should put down the hatchet so that you know that you are on my side as I am on your side, don't attack a priori, you who sing injustices and frustrations, anger and resignation, because if you know me, you would be with me, believe me.

I don't even know what they are, and delay here while I search for alternate streets, or alibis, not to look for them), if you manage, press office, personnel and whatever else they don't do, but exhausted us to get rooms, reviews, interviews, is not really a ruse. Ask yourself the questions and give yourself the answers, you could say, but on the other hand I find that it's always a bit like that with those who have to be rebellious and alternate at all costs, and live in a persecuted/victimistic world that occasionally proves convenient to evade responsibility of any kind, even if there are three simple questions; it's not new and it's okay, it's in the parties' game.

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