American Folk Bands

North American Folk Bands

R. Rubin, J. P. Melnick, American Popular Music : Be qui: Bands - Waterfall. American Folk and West Coast Waterfall Tribute.

The Italian people from a Celtic point of view. But also Folk and Smooth are not to be overlooked on request.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, AT THE LEGEND OF MILAN, AMERICAN FOLK BAND...5 BANDS ON STAGE..... - MEI - Meeting of Independent Persons (Meeting of Independent)

Five bands with rural sounds, from blues to folk and sweet-rocking. Bloody acoustic skirt, influenced by the dirtiest South American skirt, that's what awaits you. The project "Lacava" was born from the meeting and friendship of Roberto Cava and Rino Villano, both guitarists and singers of the group. The combination of passion and respect for American music unites them to bring to light the sounds of the great bands of the late 60s.

The Chicken House Session", a record with original and exciting sounds, which is rarely found in the Italian blue scene, was brought to life by a good portion of grooves, radio and psychedelia, because they strongly bear witness to the blue and mix it with other influences of south and soul music.

The ingredients of their "Klangsuppe" are declared in the package of the record and are: pure, crash, boost, jazz, fourbe, creekin' boot and reverb. Recorded in best consistency in only two days, the record expresses best and without any deception what you can actually hear live.

Lacava consists of Rino Villano (vocals and guitar), Roberto Cava (vocals and guitar), Simone Musto (bass and vocals) and GiĆ² Molinari (drums). Lightblues is a Milan acoustic blue acoustic guitar and harmonica combination, consisting of voice / washing board, guitar and harmonica. The repertoire ranges from traditional blues and rock'n'roll by Elvis and Carl Perkins to new songs contained in a first eponymous record.

Young skirt, new, but not to forget its origins. Hard, rough sounds with notes by Stoner and Brit.

Ellis Road Band - Folk, Rock, World and Popolare Musics

Guitars, bass, vocals, drums, accordion and violin for a tone inspired by Irish sounds, Italian music and salon music... The Ellis Road Volume consists of five professional musicians (vocals, accordion, keyboards, acoustic/e-guitar, bass, drums). Our repertoire includes different genres: countrymusic, Irish folk, American skirt author, Italian music (folk, folk music and songwriter).

We accept requests for pieces that do not belong to the repertoire and are relevant for the genres listed.

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