American Folk Art Museum

Museum of American Folk Art

On a Friday evening, visit the museum's open-air music Friday. Find the perfect stock photo of the American Folk Art Museum. That museum is a little hidden jewel! The Luna Park from the @American Folk Art Museum, www.folkartmuseum.

org. American Folk Artist Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO, USA.

Exhibition of the American Folk Art Museum - Foto di American Folk Art Museum, New York City

On the advice of a large number of travelers, this review has been automatically translated into Italian and may not be a perfect copy of the original. Seems there's a big rally in camp somewhere after she sells the former one. Maybe a glare is just awaiting to be narrated... In any case, what is little to see is funny, amusing and interesting.

Just as already mentioned, the giftshop is something very peculiar. Become an American Folk Art Museum now?

Memoriam - L'American Folk Art Museum di TWBT, post office

The demolition of the American Folk Art Museum, nos. 45 and 47 western of 53rd Street in Manhattan, was brought to life. The magnificent building, designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien's Studio, will be replaced by the annex to the adjacent Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), designed by Studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro. A look at the pictures of Street View confirms that the construction site is open and the scaffolding, protected by green screens, surrounds the outline of the old American Folk Art Museum.

The dismantling was not painless in New York, however. MOMA' s green light for the demolition was preceded by a lengthy lawsuit within the New York cultural community, with petitions, inquiries, posters and websites aimed at preventing the tragic end of the building.

The MOMA was unshakeable and cruel: the building should have been demolished as the DS+R architects proved that it was impossible to accommodate it in the new extension. The old American Folk Art Museum was founded there in 2001 and moved from its original location on Lincoln Square, the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

However, after about ten years of work, under pressure from the enormous debts that had accumulated over time, the museum directors decided to sell it to MOMA, its neighbor, in order to recapitalize the institution and return it to its original location. We have visited the American Folk Art Museum several times in recent years, subdued by the extraordinary beauty of TWBT's creature.

It was achieved through a kind of slit in the fa├žade made of panels of a material called Tombasil, an alloy of white bronze with about 57% copper, almost as if it were penetrating into the crack in a rock, as the first shelters of American pioneers..... The greenish color and the rough surface therefore reminded us very closely of the external appearance of the other major museum in New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art, designed by Marcel Breuer and opened in 1966, which is united by the recurring theme of autochthonous American art.

The interiors of the American Folk Art Museum were also exceptional, characterized by a mostly introverted space, developed in height and modeled for the use of natural light, always indirect, and by a love of detail that underlies the paroxysm, revealing the skills of the studio of Death Williams and Billie Tsien and their hidden homage to the poetics of Carlo Scarpa.

Unfortunately, we will miss the old America Folk Art Museum so much and the city of New York will have missed an opportunity to preserve a corner of beauty and constructive wisdom! The regret about the loss is even greater when one considers that the green light for the operation is approved by an institution like MOMA and not by a company dedicated to financial speculation....

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