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Prime Musica

How to subscribe to music streaming services from Amazon, Prime Music and Music Unlimited. Incredible news from Amazon that will put us all in a good mood. These are two versions of the same music streaming service. Amazon Prime customers can listen to over a million tracks and hundreds of playlists programmed by experts without advertising. Today Amazon launched "Prime Music", a streaming music service for Prime subscribers, in Italy. Aiuto: Cos'รจ Prime Music?

In addition to more than 2 million tracks and albums, Prime Music allows you to listen to playlists and custom channels without commercial breaks at no additional cost to Prime subscribers. Prime Music complements the free fast delivery and Prime Video to the exclusive benefits of your Prime subscription.

The Prime Playlists are a collection of tracks from the Prime Music catalogue published by the experts at Amazon Music. You can also create your own playlists with your own songs and prime tracks. Listen to music without interruption and skip tracks indefinitely with custom prime stations. Premium members can listen to Prime Music on compatible devices that support Amazon Music, including: and cannot be exported.

After listening to 40 hours of music in a month, you will not be able to use Prime Music until the end of the month. The selection of tracks and albums available at Prime Music is constantly evolving: new titles are added to the Prime Music catalogue and occasionally other titles are removed.

For more information see Where are my Prime Tracks? When travelling within their own continent, customers residing in the European Union have access to the same routes normally available for broadcasting in their country of residence. Note: To access Prime Music, you need an Amazon subscription, a Prime subscription, a billing address, and a 1-click payment method in a supported country.

See that I am qualified to Prime Music? for more information.

Primary Music

Both Prime Music and Amazon Music UNLIMITED give you the ability to listen to music on the fly without advertising and with off-line playback. In addition to over 2 million tracks and albums, Prime Music allows you to listen to custom playlists and channels without commercial breaks at no additional cost to Prime subscribers. Free for my customers Amazon Prime Idonei.

For more information, see I am eligible for Prime Music? Stream Prime titles directly to compatible devices. See What is Prime Music? for more information. With an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you can access over 50 million tracks and thousands of playlists edited by Amazon music specialists and custom stations.

The music can be played on request and free of charge, without restriction. New albums and tracks are usually added to the Amazon Music Unlimited catalog on the day of release. Different adhesive plans available. To view the available subscription plans and their prices, go to the page:

Amazon Music United. Annual renewal option and discounted prices at Amazon Music for premium customers. Amazonic Music Limited - Family subscription: Stream to up to 6 devices simultaneously per subscription. For more information about the different Amazon Music UNLIMITED subscriptions, see What is Amazon Music ULLIMITED?

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