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The preferred music style is Ascolta. Read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Amazon Music. In Italy, Amazon offers its music streaming service on three levels: Music Unlimited, Prime Music and Music Unlimited Echo. Here is our Amazon Music Unlimited Review, the music streaming service from Amazon. A competitor with iTunes and Apple Music?

The Scaricare Musica

AmaZonMusic for Mac and Desktop is a free application that lets you download, manage, and play digital music from your Amazon Music account directly to your computer. We recommend using Amazon Music for the Web ( to play or download your music on other operating systems such as Linux, Chrome Mac, Windows versions before 7 and OSX versions before 10.9.

Install Amazon Music for PCs and Macs: Visit the Amazon Music Applications installation page. The Clicca su Scarica and Installa. Note: You may also be prompted to install the application on the Digital Music Store, or when you select one or more songs to download from My Music Library. Click Get Application to start the installation process.

Note: Amazon Music Limited tracks cannot be downloaded to your computer. To listen to music off-line, you can load these tracks onto your compatible mobile devices. You can use the Amazon Music App to upload music to your computer: click the upload icon next to the title of the song or album you want to upload.

You can also drag and drop songs, albums and playlists into the download under My Tracks on the right sidebar. Tip: To download the uploaded music, select My Music, click Tracks, and then click Upload to view all uploaded songs. To select a group of songs, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and then click the first and last items in the list of songs you want to download.

You can also hold down the CTRL or Command key on your keyboard and select multiple songs. Once you have selected one or more tracks to be downloaded, drag them to the right sidebar to drag them for downloading or right-click and select them from the Downloads drop-down list. To see the progress of the downloading, click on the progress button on the right.

To find the downloaded music and the music for the downloading process, select the downloaded filter in the side navigation. For information about adding songs downloaded from Amazon Music to iTunes and Windows Media Player, see the Export Music from Amazon Music for PC and Mac page.

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