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and you cannot set the download to the SD memory of your device. Download Amazon Music directly to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Information about the new features and the link to download the new beta, track, album, playlist or even radio you want to download and click "Download". Tablet, iPhone, and iPad require the download of the Amazon Music App, which is available for free from the Play Store and App Store. Help: Learn more about AutoRip

When you purchase an album suitable for AutoRip, you will receive the appropriate version of your music directly in your music library. After you purchase an appropriate AutoRip album on, the album' 3p3 version is automatically added to your music library, which you can access from your computer or compatible device. Usually the version of your favorite music will be shipped immediately after purchase.

Note: If the album is part of an order where one or more items are marked as "Gift", it is not eligible for AutoRip. You can find, play, and download AutoRip music (marked with the logo) in the purchased checklist and music library of all your enabled devices. If you don't have an Amazon Music Amazon subscription yet, you can create one for free. Auto rip: CDs and vinyls

1. Buy an album AutoRip. Choose from thousands of CDs and vinyls in our music store. It' easy to see which albums are AutoRip: they carry the Autorip emblem both in the search results and on the product page. If you' ve already purchased an Autorip album, open your Amazon Music Library.

You can stream it immediately, or download it and listen to it off-line later. If you have booked an album that will be released in the future, the version of your favorite song will be available from the release date. You can stream music or download the AutoRip albums you bought when you're at home or on the go. Help: Information about Multimedia Formats

The Digital Music Store offers music in mp3, the most popular music files format and compatible with most media players, portable music devices and some CD and disc players. Below you will find some information about the music files available in the Digital Music Store: Amazon Music allows you to import, play and download files not protected by DRM in the formats.mp3 and.m4a.

The Amazon Music system also imports compatible files in .wma,.ogg,.wav, Apple Lossless,.aiff and.flac formats, for which Amazon has the rights granted by the music owners, so that users with variable transfer speeds can access files in the .mp3 format at 256 knots from the Amazon catalogue.

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