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Seguici. Italian rock or the alternative is a new wave of experimental and mainstream rock music, influenced by rap, rock, electronic and metal music. Hopefully you love grunge and alternative rock music (I come from Italy).

Iinfred - Alternative Modern Rock Band

Manufactured by INFRARED & Larsen Premoli. Engeneed and mastered at Reblab Studios (MI) Italy. Extra keyboard, coding and synthesis by Giovanni Mori and Larsen Premoli. Extra musicians: Pellegrini Martino (violin, viola, cello). Made by Larsen Premoli and INFRARED. Miscellaneous and choreographed at Larsen Premoli's studios/rec labs (MI). Made by Larsen Premoli and INFRARED.

Mingled and mastered at Larsen Premoli's studio MI (RecLab Studios). INFRARED are 4 musicians united and inspired by the idea that it is time to give form and substance to their music. Born in mid-2015 from a project by singer Tania Tiozzo and bassist Giovanni Mori with Fabio Cau on drums, he joined the current and final line-up in 2017 with Davide Gherardi on guitar.

At the end of 2016, the group began working with producer Larsen Premoli, owner of Studios Studio RezLab (Buccinasco - Milan), and recorded a videotape of the Chandelier di Sia album. In 2017 they again started working with Larsen Premoli on the debut album Souls, which will be released in October 2018, followed by the singles Lifetime, The End of My Beginning and Plastic Veil.

Iinfred are a rock alternative group consisting of four Milanese who have chosen to give their music a form. At first their sounds were inspired by the Alternative Rock of the 90' s and have developed into a more modern Alternative Modern Rock. A lot of seemingly different types of music blend into their songs: pop, funky, rock, toner, electronic music, and heavy metals.

In the room dedicated to emerging bands, we present NastiGi, Alternative Rock Volume.

In the room dedicated to emerging bands, we present NastiGi, Alternative Rock Volume. With solid melodies and extremely catchy choirs they are a group that will surely stay in your memory after listening. NastiGi's latest releases have been featured on some of Spotfiy's playlists. Born in Naples, Italy, Gianluca Nasticola NastiGi currently lives in London, Great Britain.

He moved to London in 1998 and from then on began an intense artistic journey full of original songs and collaborations. He worked with sleepin' giants (pop rock band) on the single "Too Late" alongside Platinum Selling Music Producer with 14 top ten UK hit songs from Andy Whitmore.

After meeting Alec Whittier (American producer), they founded Dirth (Heavy Rock) together with John Moss (drummer of the Culture Club) and were very active in Great Britain. After many years of concerts, shows, videos, TV and air shows, NastiGi worked on live performances and wrote more material in the second half of 2018.

He' s producing his new alternative rock record.

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