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L.A. Weekly list of billboard number one - alternative singles of the 2000s. All Posto Del Fuoco is the fourth album of the Italian alternative rock band Meganoidi. That alternative rock album-related article from the year 2000 is a stump.

""In Too Deep"" - Sum 41 Blink 182, Linkin Park, Rockband. Twenty-four songs that every alternative child will remember when they heard it in the 2000s. marzo 2019.

2000 Rock & INDIEce1974

It continues the best tradition of constructive confrontation - the declared intention of Giordano Sangiorgi and myself is to find a better and clearer definition of what should or should not be included in a specific table - the dialogue around the compilation of the MEI/AudioCoop Indie Music Like Rankings.

PAALO RICCA (MUSICIAN): In recent years I have worked with both the great and the independent, and as far as the technical-logistical problems are concerned, I agree with what has been said so far about the merits and shortcomings of the two situations. I would like to highlight one aspect that was already highlighted by Finardi in his speech: artistic production in both contexts.

As for my personal music project, I work with an independent label, Beppe Crovella's ElectRomantic Music. On some occasions, in independent productions, I have found that the figure of what I would call the "artistic side" of the artist himself has been underestimated, a person with whom one can talk about the choices and direction of the musical project.

Personalities like these can of course also be found in the degree courses, and the fact that they change often can be good or bad; a change is healthy, but sometimes I have carried out projects that were then blocked by the next artistic director who no longer supported the project. INDIE DOC: Yes, the advantages and disadvantages of one solution or another.

As well as what I have insisted on since the beginning of the discussion, namely the access of a musical product to the medium. Everything that happens before this crucial phase is of course very important, but it's also - sorry if I'm like a rhino with my head down - the next one in which the independent artist and the record company find themselves with the finished product in their hands and the serious problem of how to make it public.

In our case, we've known each other for years, since the days when there was the Musica & Dischi newspaper, it worked well and you and Beppe Crovella managed to win my curiosity. Unfortunately this is the case with indies. However, a record in the hands of a Majors always finds, for one reason or another, the doors wide open.

Often we critics are exhausted by the musical bombardment and give in to their offers. Needless to say that now, with the crisis crushing the record industry, many majors have rediscovered that they are "indie" and have thrown themselves with all their residual strength to conquer the space that should not compete with them on paper.

It' probably just a matter of survival, let's call it musical Darwinism, and only the strongest - but not necessarily the best - can make it. I don't want to mention names or specific cases, but you will all admit that in the field of indian rock alone there are many products worthy of the head of indian music, such products that are undermined by the podium or worse forgotten in favour of the big products that sound, and I smile bitterly, "indie".

"Now I would pass the ball on to you, readers and music lovers; I risk admitting that I can play a little pedantically, and I am beginning to feel a certain burning in my throat. LETTIE: LET TIE LORDON: LET INDIE BE FREE! In GIORDANO SANGIORGI (MEI/AUDIOCOOP): It seems to me that the most balanced position is that of Finardi, which I think is the only one that saves music in a virtuous cycle, and not just indian music, at a time when we are talking about pure survival.

The numbers today are low, very low, even for the majors and then welcome indies products published by the majors that you DOC not go down, or the cooperation between the two worlds if these serve the health of the scene.

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