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The alternative Punk Rock the Lost N Found!

In fact, Alessandro Mitidieri, Marco Donnini, Gabriele Drudi and Adriano Santucci are the speakers of a genre, punk, which for them is not dead at all, but more alive than ever. You can also find The Loss N Found on Twitter, with a channel, a YouTube channel, where you can listen to all their songs.

One of the best bands that have performed at the ZooBar, the group will fight with 6 other bands to get an even more desirable stage, the Stazione Birra, which means the last Roman Emerging Bands Competition will take place!

EVENGERS alternative Punkrock in the final at ALCATRAZ in Milan

The Evenger are a well-rehearsed quartet from the province of Milan, which continues its work with great commitment and produces a full of energy. The Evenger were born in 2012 from 6 boys of class 98/95 in a small village on the outskirts of Milan, Truccazzano.

They start out as a covers to gain some experience, but when you feel the creative streak, the first song is recorded at home, which turns out to be their single: You Said of full punk rock style. Meanwhile, three components have been removed and immediately replaced by a single person: bassist Emanuele Coppo.

The tape or one of the 4 components: With this formation the Evengers play in different places, take part in the 2013 edition of the Tour Music Festival (with very good grades), which has given valuable advice to the volume and is moderated by LodiCrema TV and Lombardia TV, where they play their two most requested songs.

In October 2013 they recorded their first album " FOUR ", which allowed them to understand the sounds the group was looking for. The Evengers genre is currently an alternative punk rock with melodic vocal lines and captivating guitar/bass riffs. There are four songs on the album, but the Evengers are already ready to propose three more songs to the audience in the final.

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