Alternative Punk Bands List

Punk Alternative Bands List

genres: hardcore punk, punk blues, punk rock. She has this plastic alternative indie emo punk rock manequin album look! Now, I can say that it wasn't just Rose e fiori to be a kind of punk in a small town in Italy. Have I forgotten anyone you'd put on the list? ADTSL_ APPEZZAMENTI DI TERRA SULLA LUNA alternative punk rock from SARDINIA / ITALY !


Live Dolls Rock Cover Band Femminile

Working Dollls is one of the most successful and funny female covers, a project that ranges from rocks to poppers, from metals to alternatives to glam to punk and roll... The four girls really know how to play and they always present themselves energetic, beautiful and convincing.... In his repertoire he has both well-known covers and lesser known songs, ranging from 80's hardrock to 90's post-grunge, popular and alternative music.

A musical gift with different nuances, he began his career in 2001 in an acoustic quartet and then went to Milan Street, where the many musical influences left their mark on his first pop-rock pieces, which were performed at festivals dedicated to original music. In 2008 he joined Western Airlines as a speaker and acoustic guitarist, with more than a hundred appointments throughout Italy.

Voice of the Sunset Ibiza Style project and its Internet radio show with singers Ramirez and Alex Bini. Currently he is also speaker and guitarist in the acoustic project Alan Ford Project and has been working with the Israeli musician Sagi Rei for several months. He' been studying guitar since he was nine years old. She graduated from the Conservatory in 2012 and is a musician who brings together many musical influences, from blues to jazzy, from hard to hard rock to hard music.

He plays in other musical situations, such as in his famous ELIANA CARGNELUTTI BAND rock-blues quartet. Winner of the 2010 Pordenone Blue Guitar Guitar Contest, winner of the title of Best Emerging Italian Blue Player at the Oscars of Blues 2013 in Modena, 2015 Best International Blue Rocking Guitarist Award at the American Jimi Awards, and 2015 Best Five Guitarist Nomination by blues-e-news magazine.

He studied the electric bass with Paolo Viezzi and has not failed to integrate his solid preparation into the clinics, seminars and the Jazz Jet Sessions in the trips to Veneto. For years he has been performing and playing with various different ensembles in the fields of music, electronics, music, dance, music, dance and music. His other project are the Heartbeats!

Eliana Cargnelutti guitarist and choir singer of Stefania Della Savia bassist and choir singer of the group.

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